Can Canadians use Backstage?

Can Canadians use Backstage?

Backstage has been helping actors get auditions and roles in major productions for over 50 years. We’ve now expanded to Canada, and offer the best Toronto casting notices available to actors and performers, each one reviewed by our professional casting department.

What casting websites should I be on for Canada?

So if you have your CV, Headshot and Showreel all up to scratch, grab yourself a membership!

  • Casting Workbook. Casting Workbook works alongside Casting Networks for Canadian actors.
  • Actors Access.
  • Vancouver Actor’s Guide.
  • Creativebc.
  • Directors Guild of Canada.
  • WhatsFilming.

Who is the best talent agent in Canada?

The Best Vancouver Talent Agencies

  • GO Talent Management.
  • Ignite Artists.
  • Lucas Talent Inc.
  • Premiere Talent Management.
  • Principals Talent.
  • Trisko Talent Management Inc.

How do you become a background actor in Canada?

ACTRA Additional Background Performer In order to apply, sign this application form in advance and call ACTRA Toronto and provide the following: Proof of Canadian citizenship or PR. A current head shot. Proof that you’ve worked as a background actor at least 15 days in the past year.

How do I get an acting job in Canada?

Breaking into the Biz: Getting started in TV & Film in Canada

  1. Step 1: Be honest with yourself.
  2. Step 2: Take Acting Classes in School.
  3. Step 3: Try signing up to do some paid extra work.
  4. Step 4: Enrol in TV & Film acting school to get training.
  5. Step 5: Create a professional package for agents.
  6. Step 6: Location…

Is Canada good for acting?

Vancouver and Toronto are indeed the top cities for Film, Television, Theatre, and all things Acting related. Of course, there’s the option to audition virtually, but you are more likely to be considered for roles if you’re located where the industry is thriving, and the auditions are taking place.

Are Actors in demand in Canada?

It may surprise you to learn that acting and actors are very much in demand in Canada right now. The Acting occupation falls under NOC code 5135 and it includes everything from Acting Teacher, to Comedian to Voice Coach etc. in short almost anything that falls within the category of “Acting”.

What is casting Call Pro?

Casting Call Pro is the UK’s leading casting directory, designed with the actor in mind. A hub for hundreds of castings every week with 60,000+ professional actor members, employers, agents and industry organisations using the site every day.