What is a first class cadet?

What is a first class cadet?

First Class Air Cadet This is the first classification you can obtain and should take between 4-6 months after you join. You will study a wide range of subjects, from the RAF to Initial Expedition Training, both in formal lessons and with hands on training.

What does ATC stand for in cadets?

Air Training Corps

Air Training Corps (ATC)
Type Volunteer Youth Organisation RAF
Size 952 Squadrons 26,300 Cadets (as of 1 April 2021)
Motto(s) Venture Adventure

What is a second class cadet?

Second Class year is the first time cadets lead in formally assigned positions, starting as cadre responsible for training the new class of Swabs.

How do I log into Ultilearn?

1: navigate to https:// learning.bader.mod.uk/ . You will be presented with a login screen. 2: Type in your login details . Your password will be a combination of different letters and special characters.

What is ATC army?

As an Air Traffic Control (ATC) Operator, you’ll track aircraft such as jets and helicopters to ensure mission success while maintaining critical safe flight operations. You’ll coordinate aircraft movement for takeoff and landing as well as track aircraft in flight in both tactical and non-tactical environments.

How many wings are in ATC?

Air Training Corps – The ATC is the RAF’s cadet force, divided into six regions, 34 wings and more than 900 squadrons within communities around the UK.

What is Ultilearn username?

You can complete classification training at home using Ultilearn. Your username is the numbers before the @ in your cadet portal username. Ask your staff members for your login information if you have forgotten your password.

How do you become a military ATC?


  1. MINIMUM EDUCATION. High school diploma, GED with 15 college credits, or GED.
  2. ASVAB REQUIREMENTS. General; Mechanical.
  3. QUALIFICATIONS. Knowledge of Air Traffic Control principles and procedures. Must maintain Ground-based Aircraft Controller Medical Standards.

How do you become a Army ATC?

The Army requires that a person has earned a high school diploma to enlist, and in most cases, a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) is not sufficient. A soldier must pass an aptitude test to qualify for ATC training and again to serve as an air traffic controller.

What is the motto of the ATC?

The ATC motto is ‘Venture – Adventure’ and Air Cadets know that it’s more than just words – it’s an attitude that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Who is in charge of air cadets?

Commandant Air Cadets 2003 – present

Commandant Air Cadets Took office Time in office
Air Commodore Ian R W Stewart 20 May 2008 2 years, 11 days
Air Commodore Barbara Cooper CBE 1 June 2010 2 years, 76 days
Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty CBE 17 August 2012 7 years, 332 days
Group Captain John Lawlor Acting 15 July 2020 67 days

What rank is an Air Force cadet?

First year, or fourth-class, cadets (C4C) have only one rank; but as they progress through the Academy, their roles, responsibilities, and ranks increase, culminating in their senior year, where roles as an Assistant Shop Lead garner the rank of cadet first lieutenant (C/1Lt), while roles such as the Cadet Wing …

How fast can you get promoted in the Air Force?

Under normal conditions, promotions to E-2 are automatic as long as the Air Force’s standards for performance and behavior are met. The only requirement for advancement is six months’ time in grade (TIG) and time in service (TIS).

What is a 1st class cadet?

First Class Cadet. Having successfully completed your Junior Cadet training you’ll then start working towards your 1st Class Cadet badge. The 1st Class Cadet training is varied and interesting, covering 6 subjects. Around this time you’ll also get to handle and fire a rifle for the first time and be taught basic first aid.

When did the Air Cadets start in the RAF?

In 1959 Flying Training Command took responsibility for the ATC, and in May 1960 the Headquarters Air Cadets was set up at White Waltham as a separate formation for organisation and direction of the ATC. In the ten years 1951 to 1961 over 58,000 cadet entered the RAF, nearly 33,000 on Regular Engagements.

How many cadets were in the Air Training Corps in 1940?

In September 1940 there were 18,489 Cadets in the ADCC. Throughout the war years the Air Training Corps became one of the most important pre-service training organisations providing the RAF with recruits who were “airminded” when they enlisted.

When did the Air Cadets move to Brampton?

The Headquarters Air Cadets moved from RAF White Waltham to RAF Station Brampton in Lincolnshire. In April 1969 seven Regional Commanders assumed control and command of their new Regions. The Air Training Corps newspaper the Air Cadet News was established as a monthly newspaper.