What is the operative word meaning?

What is the operative word meaning?

An “operative word” simply refers to the emphasised or stressed word in a sentence, that gives that sentence a certain connotation, tone, or meaning.

What does the word logos means?

Logos – Longer definition: The Greek word logos (traditionally meaning word, thought, principle, or speech) has been used among both philosophers and theologians.

What are some words for logos?

Synonyms of logos

  • emblems,
  • ensigns,
  • hallmarks,
  • impresas,
  • symbols,
  • totems,
  • trademarks.

What are examples of operative words?

the most important word in a phrase, which explains the truth of a situation: He was a painter – “was” being the operative word, since he died last week. Want to learn more?

Would the operative word be?

If you describe a word as the operative word, you want to draw attention to it because you think it is important or exactly true in a particular situation.

How do you use the word logos?

Logos sentence example

  1. The immutability of God requires the eternity of the Logos and of the world.
  2. Christ himself was the Logos, the Reason.
  3. The Logos existed before creation and time; was with the very God and was God; and all things were made through Him.

What is a antonym for logos?

Opposite of the name or trademark of a fashion company. generic brand. private brand. store brand.

What is the synonym of operative?

practical, realizable, usable. (also useable), workable.

What is an operative question?

adj. 1 in force, effect, or operation. 2 exerting force or influence. 3 producing a desired effect; significant.

Where Can logos be used?

To make the most of your branding efforts, check out these 10 ways to use your logo.

  1. Websites and blogs.
  2. Business cards.
  3. Signs and banners.
  4. Products and packaging.
  5. Letters and emails.
  6. Invoices and forms.
  7. Social media profiles.
  8. Promotional merchandise.

What is an antonym for logos?

What part of speech is logos?

As detailed above, ‘logos’ is a noun.

Is another name of logo can be text?

Wordmarks (or logotypes) Similar to a lettermark, a wordmark or logotype is a font-based logo that focuses on a business’ name alone.

What is pathos and logos?

Logos appeals to the audience’s reason, building up logical arguments. Ethos appeals to the speaker’s status or authority, making the audience more likely to trust them. Pathos appeals to the emotions, trying to make the audience feel angry or sympathetic, for example.

Is Da a logo word?

Logoed definition Imprinted with a logo. You can buy our company’s logoed shirts at the gift store.