Can you own a post office in Australia?

Can you own a post office in Australia?

Q: Can I set up my own Licensed Post Office? A: No, however Australia Post does occasionally set up new LPOs.

Are Post Offices profitable in Australia?

Despite competition from the likes of DHS, FedEx, UPS and Japan Post’s Toll Australia, Australia Post has managed to maintain its share of the B2C parcel delivery market to around 75 per cent. In the year to June 2017, Australia Post recorded a $126 million profit.

How many licensed post offices are there in Australia?

Currently there are 4,320 post offices across Australia, including over 2,500 in rural and remote areas. Australia Post and its network of post offices provide many functions across Australia – letters, parcels and delivery services, selling postage stamps and providing post office boxes.

What is LPO in Australia Post?

An “LPO” is a Licensed Post Office 2.6. “LPOs” indicates the plural of LPO 2.7. “LPO Agreement” is the Licensed Post Office Agreement between a Licensed Post Office and Australia Post as implemented in 1993 2.8. The “LPOG” is the Licensed Post Office Group 2.9.

How much profit does a post office franchise make?

You can earn a handsome amount of money by joining this franchise business along with helping the Indian postal service and government. For that, you just need to take Post Office Franchise. By joining the Post Office scheme, you can earn up to Rs. 50000 every month, but for this you have to invest Rs.

Are Post Offices privately owned?

The “Post Office,” or the United States Postal Service, is owned by the United States Federal Government. It is classified as an “independent establishment of the executive branch of the Government of the United States” and operates independently of government control, run by its own non-political directors.

How do I become a post office agent?

How to become a Post Office RD agent?

  1. Application Form for India Post Agent.
  2. Agreement form.
  3. Nomination form.
  4. An affidavit which is attested by the Magistrate for Rs.
  5. Two character certificates.
  6. Two recent passport-size photos. (
  7. A photocopy of the SAS agency.
  8. Address proof documents, birth documents, ration cards, etc.

How do I start a post office agency?

Franchise Scheme

  1. Sale of stamps and stationery.
  2. Booking registered articles, speed post articles, money orders.
  3. Functioning as an agent for Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and provide related after sales service, including collection of premium.

How do post office franchises make money?

Remuneration to Franchisees

  1. Rs. 2 per registered post article booked.
  2. Rs. 2 per speed post article booked.
  3. Rs.
  4. 20% extra commission on the booking 1000 or more speed post, registered post or both articles booked.
  5. 5% commission on the sale of postal stamps, money order forms and other stationery.

Is opening a Post Office profitable?

The year-end net profits are approximately £40,000. With planning permission to enlarge shop and living accommodation. A £35,700 post office also selling cards and stationery, based in town centre. Weekly sales of £700, with 33% Gross Profit.

Is the Post Office profitable?

On a U.S. generally accepted accounting principles basis, the Postal Service had a net loss of $4.9 billion for 2021, compared to a net loss of $9.2 billion for 2020. The Postal Service’s operating revenue was $77.0 billion for 2021, an increase of $3.9 billion, or 5.3 percent, compared to the prior year.

How do I invest in a post office?

Savings Schemes Under Post Office Investments

  1. The minimum deposit to open a post office savings account is Rs 500.
  2. The domestic customer can open the account in single or joint ownership.
  3. An interest rate of 4% p.a. is applicable on the deposits in the post office account.

Is opening a post office profitable?

What is the salary of direct agent in post office?

India Post Agent Salary FAQs Average India Post Agent salary in India is ₹ 2.1 Lakhs for 4 to 19 years of experience. Agent salary at India Post ranges between ₹ 1.2 Lakhs to ₹ 3 Lakhs. According to our estimates it is 75% more than the average Agent Salary in Government / Public Administration Companies.

What is the commission of post office agent?

Post Office Agent Commission Chart 2022
Name of the scheme Rate of commission
NSC (5 years) 0.5%
KVP 0.5%

What is the income of Post Office franchise?

Rs. 3.5 per money order booked. 20% extra commission on the booking 1000 or more speed post, registered post or both articles booked. 5% commission on the sale of postal stamps, money order forms and other stationery.

How do I start a Post Office agency?

Where are the best post office businesses in Queensland?

Location: Beachmere is a coastal town in the Moreton Bay region of Queensland just 38km north of Brisbane and 11km east of Caboolture, close to Bribie Island with a population of about 4,500. This would have to be one of the most exciting post office businesses to come onto the market in many years.

Why choose the Sunshine Coast post office?

An opportunity to purchase an income and a lifestyle with this Sunshine Coast Licensed Post Office business. Noosaville is a charming seaside village… Canungra is the gateway to the Scenic Rim when travelling from the Gold Coast. This historic timber mill village is conveniently located for access to both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Why choose Moranbah post office?

Moranbah Post Office is a well presented, purpose-built Licensed Post Office. It is fitted out to the Australia Post specifications and… North Queensland Coastal Locality. Turnover $1.7M per annum (excluding GST). 1,400 square metre property with 660 square metres of improvements for the supermarket & Halifax LPO.

Is there a freehold post office in Mackay?

Freehold Post Office and General Store with Fuel on a main thoroughfare. Servicing the Western Mackay area for over 35 years. Current owner operators live on site making it a simple lifestyle… Freehold Post Office and Spar Supermarket with a stable turnover of $1,600,000 with the same owner for 27 years.