What does OC slang mean?

What does OC slang mean?

OC means “Of Course,” “Officer Commanding,” “Original Character,” “Original Content,” or “The Orange County.”

What is OC on Wattpad?

The Beast: OC stands for original character or own character meaning you made them yourself and they are a counterpart or another form of you.

What is OC in social media?

OC as “original content” is used in internet forums and social media to communicate that the post is an original creation and is not a repost of an older piece of content. This is especially popular in meme culture, where anonymous internet strangers are often vying to originate new memes.

What is OC fanfiction?

The definition of OC as “original character” has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially as fan communities have become bigger and more elaborate. OCs are not in the source material and are purely a work of imagination by authors and creators.

What does OC and CC mean?

The local authorities issue a certificate for completion (CC) after the completion of the construction of a building. Once the CC has been received, the builder also needs to obtain an occupation certificate (OC). Homeowners cannot move into a building until the builder has an occupancy certificate.

What is an OC girl?

OC as “original character” is often used in fan communities.

What is OC in Facebook?

OC. Original Character. Internet Slang, Digital Arts, Art.

What is OC mean on Facebook?

OC Facebook Abbreviation

2 OC Original Character Internet Slang, Digital Arts, Art
1 OC Own Character Internet Slang, Texting, Slang

What is EA in Kpop?

Originally posted by DerpyDerp: Hopefully you know by now, but if you don’t, it means the amount of that item you will be obtaining. So ea = each = Quantity = Amount. Example if your confused: Ice burner 1ea cost 100kc. Ice burner 5ea cost 500kc.

What is OC in a story?

What is BCC and OC?

Occupation Certificate (O.C.) is issued and thereafter Building Completion Certificate (B.C.C.) is issued. i. In case if act for conditions of IOD/CC at are complied with except condition of 270A of MMC Act 1888, then the BCC / OCC is issued.

What is OC Instagram?

OC = overlay credit (Few editors make their own overlays, but when they do and they give them away, the editor who uses it must give credit to them.)

What does OC mean on social media?

OC as “original content” is used in internet forums and social media to communicate that the post is an original creation and is not a repost of an older piece of content.

What does OC mean in Kpop?

OC is short for Original Character. Here it means that OCs have to do with K-pop. Either Entertainment CEOs, K-pop idols, or romantic interests to K-pop artists.

What is OC and CC?

When buying a home, it is vital to obtain documents, such as the Occupancy Certificate (OC) and Completion Certificate (CC). These are essential documents that allow you to mortgage or sell your home. Hence, homebuyers are advised to take possession of their flat or property only after these documents have been issued.

Is OC and CC different?

What does OC stand for in fanfiction?

Most Common OC Meaning. OC stands for Original Character. OC is used to refer to either a character in fan fiction that is not part of canon or a character in original fiction.

What is the plot of the OC?

The series centers around Ryan Atwood, a troubled youth from a broken home who which is first “lodge” and then finally adopted, by the rich Cohen family, who lives in the sunny Orange County, for this reason the title : The O.C. . We are currently editing 484 articles. IMPORTANT NOTICE : Please respect all views and all perspectives.

When did the first season of the OC come out?

Welcome to The O.C. Wikia The O.C. was a teen/young adult drama series created by Josh Schwartz. The first episode aired on 5 August 2003 and it was decided to be off air 3 January 2007, running a total of four seasons.

Where can I watch the show the OC?

The O.C. has been broadcast in more than fifty countries worldwide. The series has also been released on DVD, as well as on iTunes. It is currently streaming in the US on HBO Max. Season 1 focuses on Ryan Atwood’s arrival in Newport Beach to live with Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, who take him in after his mother kicks him out.