Who won the first fight between Leonard and Hearns?

Who won the first fight between Leonard and Hearns?

Although most at the fight including the television announcers scored it as Hearns winning, the judges called it a draw and were loudly booed by the ringside crowd. With one judge scoring the fight 113-112 for Leonard, another judge scoring it 113-112 in favor of Hearns and the third scoring it even at 112–112.

What was Sugar Ray Leonard best fight?

Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard breaks down some of his most iconic fights of all time, including his fights with Andrés Aldama in 1976, Dick Eklund in 1978, Pete Ranzany in 1979, Wilfred Benitez in 1979, Roberto Duran in 1980, Thomas Hearns in 1981 and 1989, Kevin Howard in 1984, Marvin Hagler in 1987, Donny Lalonde …

Who won Leonard vs Hearns 2?

In a hard-fought bout, Leonard and Hearns would go the full 12-round distance and ultimately fight to a split draw as one judge (Jerry Roth) scored the fight 113–112 for Hearns, another (Tom Kaczmarek) scored the fight the same albeit in Leonard’s favor and the third (Dalby Shirley) had the fight even at 112–112.

How old was Ray Leonard when he fought Hearns?

Another was that, chronologically speaking, the 25-year-old Leonard (The Ring and WBC welterweight king) was at his positive peak while the 22-year-old Hearns (his WBA counterpart) was a few years away from his.

Is Hearns punch drunk?

Today, Hearns’ words are slurred, and it’s believed that a long fight career contributed to him developing punch drunk syndrome – another term for dementia pugilistica. His record stands at 61-5-1.

Who won the fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns?

How many times did Marvin Hagler fight Thomas Hearns?

NEW YORK – April 15, 2021 – From 1980 through 1989, four great champions and future Hall of Famers raised the level of their sport. It was boxing at its best, at its most enthralling. Over the span of one glorious decade, they fought each other nine times.

Who knocked Sugar Ray down?

Terry Norris beat a legend last night, driving him back into retirement. Norris, the 23-year-old World Boxing Council superwelterweight champion, retained his title when he knocked Sugar Ray Leonard down twice en route to a unanimous decision at Madison Square Garden.

Was Thomas Hearns a good boxer?

Hearns was a pure boxer as an amateur, but thanks to a rapidly maturing body, a frame built for punching and proper pro technique taught by his coach, Emanuel Steward, he quickly earned a reputation for his power.

Who won Hearns vs Leonard 2?

What was the name of the first fight between Hearns and Leonard?

Leonard vs Hearns II. The Hit Man Gets His Revenge The first Hearns vs Leonard battle in 1981, one of the biggest fights in boxing history, was billed as “The Showdown,” an appellation that made sense given that each boxer held one of the two official world title belts in the welterweight division.

Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns, billed as ” The Showdown “, was a professional boxing match contested on September 16, 1981 for the WBA, WBC, The Ring and lineal welterweight titles. Sugar Ray Leonard won the WBC welterweight title with a fifteenth-round knockout of Wilfred Benítez in 1979.

What happened in the Leonard-Hearns fight?

Leonard was the pure boxer, with “The Hitman” Hearns — utilizing his vaunted right hand — being the puncher. The fight ultimately didn’t fit into that linear structure, and instead unfolded like a great novel. The early chapters were dominated by the boxing of the tall and angular Hearns, who kept Leonard at bay with his rapier jab.

How good was Leonard against Thomas Hearns?

But there was perhaps no greater achievement than his showdown against an undefeated Thomas Hearns on Sept. 16, 1981. At the time, Hearns was 32-0 and the reigning WBA 147-pound titlist. Leonard was the defending WBC champion.