Can I print my GCE certificate online?

Can I print my GCE certificate online?

it is possible to print their WAEC Certificates online. there is any website to print WAEC original result or certificate. WAEC has an open service to allow candidates to print their certificate directly from their website.

How can I check my 2018 AL results?

How to Check 2018 A/L Exam Results App?

  1. Go to Play Store/ Apple iTunes app Store.
  2. Search for “’ App in App.
  3. Click Install “’ App.
  4. After Install open the App.
  5. Put your Exam Index Number Click Submit Button.

What is examination certificate?

Examination certificate means that you have passed the board exam ……. it is to certify that you gave board exam on so and so year and passed the exam also in the said year and the marksheet is the percentage or the marks you scored in the said year of the board exam ….

Can I use GCE to study abroad?

The answer is yes. NECO can be used to study abroad but not all schools abroad accept it. If a student passes the required subjects, some schools abroad will grant such a student admission.

What is GCE A/L examination 2015?

G.C.E. (A/L) Examination – 2015, Gender-wise Performance of School Candidates by District G.C.E. (A/L) Performance of candidates G.C.E.

When will the departmental examination for Inspector of central taxes be held?

Change of Date – Departmental Examination for promotion of Ministerial Officers to the Grade of Inspectors of Central Taxes, Inspectors of Customs (Preventive Officers) & Inspectors of Customs (Examiners) to be held in the month of February, 2022 -Regarding.

Where can I download the marking scheme used in evaluation panels?

The marking scheme which were used in the evaluation panels after upgrading at the instructional meeting have been uploaded to the website of Department of Examinations and can be downloaded now for using them to support the teaching learning process after considering the request that was made to make them available for other teachers as well.