Did Bell Hooks write poetry?

Did Bell Hooks write poetry?

A cultural critic, feminist theorist, and scholar on race and gender, hooks authored more than thirty books, including the poetry collections Appalachian Elegy: Poetry and Place (‎University Press of Kentucky, 2012); When Angels Speak of Love (Atria Books, 2011); and And There We Wept (Golemics, 1978).

Who wrote slam dunk and hook?

Yusef Komunyakaa
Slam, Dunk, & Hook by Yusef Komunyakaa | Poetry Foundation.

What type of poem is slam dunk and hook?

POEM SUMMARY. “Slam, Dunk, & Hook” is a poem of forty short, unrhymed lines. The poem is overtly about a group of young African American men playing basketball in the Deep South during the 1950s or 1960s.

What is the metaphor in slam dunk and hook?

With mercury’s insignia on our sneakers.” in this line he talks about the sneakers they were while using metaphor that compares the players of this game to a mythological creatures and he expresses them as an immoral or divine. komunyakaa first received wide recognition the following the 1984 publication of Copacetic.

What does muscles are bright motors mean?

emphasize the rhythm of playing basketball. help the reader understand. create imagery. visualize the details of the game. “Muscles were a bright motor” is a metaphor comparing muscles to motors.

What is the metaphor in Slam, Dunk and hook?

What type of poem is Ego Tripping?

Free verse is most often associated with modern poetry, as it is with Giovanni’s poem. There is no pattern of rhyme or meter to “Ego-Tripping,” and instead, the irregular line breaks give the poem more of a sing-song rhythm that is best appreciated by reading it aloud.

Who is Nikki Giovanni compared to?

She was very involved in the Black Arts Movement in the late 1960s and 1970s. Her work gives voice to many African American women as well as the African American experience in America. She is compared to influential writers and social activists like Alice Walker, Maya Angelou, Audre Lorde, and Toni Morrison.

What is Mary Oliver’s poetry style?

Known for its clear and poignant observations and evocative use of the natural world, Oliver’s poetry is firmly rooted in place and the Romantic nature tradition. Her work received early critical attention; American Primitive (1983), her fifth book, won the Pulitzer Prize.

Was there slapping a blackjack against an open palm This is an example of?

In Slam, Dunk, & Hook by Yusef Komunyakaa, “Trouble was there slapping a blackjack against an open palm.” What literary device is used? Personification.