How do I add international bolt on O2?

How do I add international bolt on O2?

How to get the Bolt On: You can purchase the Monthly Bolt On at any time. To OPT IN to the Monthly Bolt On send a free text message containing the keyword “MONTHLYINTERNATIONAL” to 21300 or call free on 2202 from your O2 mobile. International call and text rates available with the Bolt On expire.

How much do O2 charge for international texts?

International calls and texts

Type Cost per minute of UK call or per message to EU Countries Cost per minute of UK call or per message to non EU Countries
Mobile 19p per min £1.50 per min
Text message (SMS) 6p per text message 55p per text message
Picture message (MMS) 55p per picture message 55p per picture message

Does O2 charge to receive texts abroad?

It’s free to receive calls. Texts sent to the UK and the five countries included cost 1p, but are free to receive. If you’re travelling within our Europe Zone, charges and allowances will work as they do in the UK.

How do I check My O2 bolt ons?

Monthly Data Bolt Ons To get the All Rounder Bolt On, go to My O2, call 2202 free from your O2 phone or text ROUND to 21300, for free.

How long do O2 Bolt Ons last?

What Bolt Ons are available?

Bolt On Details Duration
The Works One Off 1GB of data 31 days
BlackBerry Bolt On 500MB data, BB email and BBM 1 month
Snack 50 Minutes and 1GB 1GB of data and 50 UK minutes 31 days
50 Minutes and 1GB Monthly 1GB of data and 50 UK minutes 31 days

Do I get charged for international texts?

Do I get charged for receiving international texts? No, as long as you don’t reply. In general, most phone plans only charge for outgoing messages, not incoming ones. If you get a text from someone in another country, you won’t be charged as long as you don’t reply to it.

How much does it cost to send an international SMS?

between $0.25 and $0.50 per text message
In general, sending an international text will cost you between $0.25 and $0.50 per text message. Of course, this fee can vary depending on your carrier and plan. If you’re looking for a way to avoid these fees, consider using a messaging app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Will it cost me to text someone abroad?

There is no extra charge to send a text message to a phone that is roaming in another country, but if the SIM originates in another country charges will apply.

What is international bolt on?

Our International Bolt On is perfect for Pay Monthly customers making international calls from the UK. For £3 a month you’ll be able to make calls to international mobiles and landlines, from just 1p per minute. If you have a Spend Cap, the price of the Bolt On won’t be included within your Spend Cap.

Are international calls free on O2?

You can make calls to international mobiles and landlines from just 1p per minute with our International Bolt On.

How much do international texts cost?

How do 02 bolt ons work?

Bolt Ons are for the most part extra allowances that you can add to your plan. So if for example you’ve run low on minutes, texts or data you can purchase a Bolt On to give them a boost until your allowances reset. Some Bolt Ons are available as a one-off (often just lasting 1 day), while others are monthly.

Can you text someone internationally for free?

If you are sending a text from the United States to another country, it is most likely that you are using Type One service, which is free international texting. This type of service is typically included in your cell phone plan, and it does not cost you anything extra to send texts internationally.

Can you text for free internationally?

Available on Apple, Android and Windows devices, Line allows users to send free text messages and make international voice and video calls. Similar to KakaoTalk, the person you’re messaging must also be a Line user, though there’s also a feature that will let you message someone without the app.

Can I text internationally for free?