What are the names of the stands at the SCG?

What are the names of the stands at the SCG?


  • M.A Noble, Bradman and Messenger stands – Constructed in 2013/2014.
  • Bill O’Reilly Stand (previously named Pat Hills Stand) – Built 1984 – Corporate boxes and public reserved seating.

What is the ladies stand at the SCG?

Like the Members’ Stand, the Lady Members’ Stand, commonly called the Ladies’ Pavilion, is an elegant two level grandstand constructed of cast iron and with an extensive three-storey members’ room at the rear.

How many SCG members are there?

Member numbers have remained stable at 18,288. The membership breakdown rests at nine per cent platinum, 33 per cent gold and 58 per cent SCG.

How old is the SCG?

The SCG originally opened in 1886, and has been developed over time to become the great stadium it is today. Its most recent redevelopment included the new Noble & Bradman Stand and Messenger Stand, which includes one of the largest video screens in Australia.

What is Red Zone SCG?

SCG – Red Zone The Red Zone is located within the SCG Members Reserve. Seating in the Red Zone is unreserved and subject to capacity. Reserved seat stickers are available from SCG staff on arrival so as to secure your seat. Dress regulations apply in the Red Zone at the SCG.

How can I join SCG?

Steps to become an SCG member. Gold membership skips the waitlist. A platinum membership is also available for $40,000….In summary, joining the SCG is a matter of the following simple steps:

  1. Sign up online and pay the $50 application fee.
  2. Wait roughly 10 years.
  3. Receive an offer of membership.

How big is SCG?

SCG 155m long and 136m wide. So the MCG is 5m x 5m larger. That’s 25 square metres more space.

Is SCG a drop in pitch?

SCG Trust chairman Rodney Cavalier described the AFL’s push to remove the pitch for the football season to better accommodate Sydney Swans as “ongoing”. “Even if the Sydney Cricket Ground is the last cricket ground in the world, the Sydney Cricket Ground will not have a drop-in wicket,” Cavalier said.

How old is the MCG?

169Melbourne Cricket Ground / Age (c. 1853)

Are kids allowed in the members stand SCG?

Swans players and parents with the above listed memberships are permitted to sit in the below areas of the SCG Members Reserve (otherwise known as the RED ZONE). Dress regulations apply to children 15 years and older. You will be refused entry with your membership cards if you do not meet dress regulations.

What is SCG XI?

The SCG XI allows you to live your cricketing dreams, by representing a ground established in the 1850s by the soldiers of the 11th North Devon Regiment. Since then, the Sydney Cricket Ground has developed into one of the most revered arenas in any sport and in any part of the world.

How long is SCG wait list?

The typical costs involved with becoming an SCG member range from roughly $1,800 to $2,000 depending on how long the waitlist is. This estimate is based on a wait list of 9-12 years. The waitlist can be skipped by purchasing gold membership for $11,000.

Can you vape in the SCG?

No smoking. Including e-cigarettes and vape devices or vaping. Illicit drugs. Bag sizes are limited to 30cmx40cm.

Can you smoke at the SCG?

The SCG is a non-smoking venue. You will need to scan out of the venue if you wish to smoke. The SCG is a licensed venue. Patrons are reminded to drink responsibly and that alcohol cannot be brought into or removed from the venue.