What is mailing address in Qatar?

What is mailing address in Qatar?

In Qatar, there are no postcodes or zip codes. All mail is delivered through a PO Box or post office boxes. Since there are no postal addresses in Qatar, you must rent out a PO Box in order to receive your mails.

How do I track my Qpost parcel?

You can track & trace your Qpost package anytime by entering your Qpost tracking number on Parcel Monitor. we provide you the status of your shipment anytime you want to know.

How much is a PO Box in Qatar?

A fee of QR500 applies yearly for renting personal PO Box, with one key secured.

What is Doha postal code?

No such thing as zip codes here. But if you need it for shipping, simply put 00000 in the space.

How long does Qatar Post take to deliver?

Description. Qatar Postal Services Company (Qatar Post) provides this service to deliver international mail to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, within 3-5 days.

How do I contact Qpost?

You can call Customers Service at Tel. (974) 44464000 / 277, or via Email: [email protected].

What is the postcode of Doha?

Postal Codes in Qatar There are no postcodes or zip codes in Qatar. All mail is delivered via post office boxes.

Is Qatar Post reliable?

Qatar Post, the national provider of postal services, continues to offer reliable, timely and secure delivery services despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19.

How can I track my post in Qatar?

How can I track my post in Qatar? In order to make a Qatar Post tracking process, the client can use the tool offered by the official Qatar Post website, specifically in the first section that appears, where the customer can enter the tracking number of the package and in this way the data will be supplied.

What is Qatar PIN code?


Place Pin Code District
Qatar Doha 122104 Gurgaon

What is the ZIP code of Qatar?

There are no postcodes or zip codes in Qatar. Mail is delivered via post office (P.O.) boxes. Letters are addressed as such: The main Qatar Post office in Doha is located in the Corniche. You can find other Q-Post branches through Q-Post’s online tool.

Does Qatar have a post office?

The Post Office opened in Qatar in 1950, followed by full ownership by the State of in May 1963. The General Post Office (GPO) became an independent Qatar Post (formerly Q-Post) is the post office of Qatar. It is headquartered at the Doha Corniche. In 2009, it was announced that Qatar won the bid to host the

How do I get a PO Box in Doha?

PO Boxes. PO Boxes are available to rent from any post office that provides this service. The main post office in Doha is situated on the Doha Corniche. To set up a PO Box it is necessary to complete an application form, which is available from all post offices. The form should be submitted along with a copy of ID and the fee.

When is the post office open in Doha?

The main post office in Doha is open Monday to Thursday from 07:00-20:00 and Saturday from 08:00-11:00 and 17:00-20:00. PO Boxes are accessible daily from 06:00-20:00.