What is the REWE Group?

What is the REWE Group?

As one of Europe’s leading trade and tourism groups, the REWE Group touches the lives of twelve million customers every day – whether they’re shopping for groceries, DIY or gardening supplies, or planning their next business trip or vacation. The REWE Group has opted for its first line of credit with a focus on sustainability.

Where can I find the REWE code of conduct?

Since 08 July 2021, the Code of Conduct has been available to you under “Information / Sustainability”. The REWE Group Supplier Portal offers a platform for optimised communication and cooperation between REWE Group and its suppliers.

What is the culture like at Rewe?

Each REWE Group sales line has its own culture and spirit. Alongside our common goals, we are united by our entrepreneurial mindset and our sense of responsibility. Respect, fairness, open and collaborative relationships and a careful use of natural resources are at the forefront of what we do.

Who owns the REWE-Group website?

The rewe-group.com website is owned and operated by REWE Group. The intellectual property of all text, images, sound and software on this website lies with REWE Group, or are used with the permission of the respective owner of the appropriate rights.

How long has REWE been in business?

An interactive look at almost 100 years of REWE Group history: from its formation at the start of the 20 th century, through difficult times, to the international group we are today. From regional to global – we procure the quality products our customers want. Today, every retail business offers international product ranges as standard.

What countries does REWE operate in?

In the other countries, REWE Group is operating the following stores: BILLA in Bulgaria, Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine; PENNY in Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary; and BIPA in Croatia.