What team is Awaydays based on?

What team is Awaydays based on?

One of his most famous pieces is late 70’s based football movie Awaydays. Although the book is written about a group of Tranmere Rovers football hooligans it’s based on the fashion and music obsessed Liverpool following of the late 1970’s.

Where is Awaydays set?

IF not grim then it’s certainly grey up north in this film adaptation of Liverpool writer Kevin Sampson’s acclaimed novel Awaydays. Filmed on both sides of the Mersey in the washed out colours of a late 1970s winter, it’s a bleak but often compelling look at the world of Wirral’s hooligan youth.

Who do they support in Awaydays?

The film follows Paul Carty, a 19-year-old in the aftermath of his mother’s death who becomes part of The Pack – a legendary group of football hooligans who dress casual and wear Peter Storm cagoules, carry Stanley knives and follow Tranmere Rovers F.C.

What year is Awaydays set?

Set in 1979 on The Wirral, Merseyside, film centres on the relationship between two lads, Carty (Bell) & Elvis (Boyle), who become great friends whilst running with The Pack, a small band of football hooligans who followed Tranmere Rovers.

What is an away day at work?

Companies hold away days for many different reasons, but quite often the underlying purpose, similar to a Christmas party, is a chance for staff to get out the office, let their hair down and have some good old fashioned fun. Companies also want to entertain their staff, say thank you, and motivate employees.

Who supports Ellis Platten?

Last year he started an appeal to raise money for two charities, Boots to Africa and the National Children’s Football Alliance by getting people to donate shirts that he would auction and in August he bravely posted a video about his mental health struggles.

What English club has the most hooligans?

Millwall Bushwackers (Millwall) The Millwall Bushwackers are the most notorious of them all and are among the worst behaved football fans England. Active since 1972 the Millwall Bushwackers have an extensive rap sheet.

Where does Ellis Platten live?

From Hemsby originally but until recently living in Gorleston, Ellis has moved to Ely over the summer to be with his girlfriend Jodie as she begins university life in Cambridge. From there he’ll continue to work on his YouTube channel, which has become something of a digital CV.

Who is Ellis Platten?

Ellis Platten – Founder of AwayDays – Content Creator – YouTube | LinkedIn.

Where is Ellis Platten from?

Norfolk coast
Despite hailing from the Norfolk coast, Ellis is a Leeds fan and very excited about the first match of the season against Liverpool, the first time he’s been able to watch his side in the top flight since he was a young boy.

What happened the next day between Elvis and Carty?

The next day, Elvis and Carty are on their way to another away day when the pair argue in front of Godden. Elvis, taunting Carty’s choice of women, is obviously hurt when Carty taunts his performance in bed with the women in front of The Pack. Godden taunts Elvis for taking heroin.

What happened to Elvis in the Outsiders book?

He recruits the help of Elvis and The Pack (without Godden, who Elvis informs him, has been killed by Baby Millan after a disagreement in The Pelican). The Pack beat up the gang of lads who roughed up Carty’s sister, and Carty finds Elvis crying on the waterfront.

Who are Elvis and John Godden in’away from home’?

Aboard the train, he meets the leader of the football firm, John Godden ( Stephen Graham ), an ex-soldier who warns him he has no room for runners in his firm and he best stand his ground. When walking through the train, he meets Elvis ( Liam Boyle ), and Carty reminisces about how they met in a series of flashbacks.

What happens to Carty and Elvis in the Hound of the baskets?

Eventually, after Carty headbutts a rude sales assistant in a record shop to prove his fighting skills, Elvis gives in and tells him to meet him on the train at 12:00 on Saturday. It fast-forwards onto the train again, and The Pack are led by Godden to meet a rival firm.