How many swords does EXIA?

How many swords does EXIA?

Gundam Seven Swords
The Gundam Exia is nicknamed “Gundam Seven Swords” as its development code was “Seven Swords”, and as indicated by this name, it is equipped with a total of seven blades to meet the needs of the moment during combat.

How tall is the Gundam EXIA?

2.54 cm
Bandai Rg 1 144 Gn 001 Gundam Exia Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (Multicolor)

Product Weight 5.67 g
Product Width 2.54 cm
Product Height 2.54 cm
Product Depth 2.54 cm

Is Zakus a Gundam?

The Zaku (ザク, Zaku) is a fictional line of manned robots (mecha) from Mobile Suit Gundam, part of the Universal Century fictional universe, where they are the Principality of Zeon’s most commonly fielded Mobile Suits.

Is the Gundam amazing Exia complete?

Originally an incomplete Exia based Gunpla codenamed A5, it is modified into its current form by Allan Adams and Meijin Kawaguchi. However, the Gundam Amazing Exia was only 80% complete when it was used in the semi-finals, and some of its system was not yet fully adjusted.

What does The Amazing Exia power up do?

A back-mounted power-up unit created for the completed form of the Amazing Exia, it boosts the suit’s speed as well as mobility and provides it with additional weapons in the form of two Trans-Am GN Blades.

Does the Amazing Exia repair work with Trans Am?

The Amazing Exia Repair seems to be only equipped with the Amazing GN Sword and GN Vulcans and had no problem using Trans-Am. After stopping the Mocks, the Gundam Amazing Exia Repair was repaired into the Gundam Amazing Exia Repair 2 for a final fight between Tatsuya and Reiji and Sei.

What kind of weapon does The Amazing Exia use?

A custom sword-gun weapon used by the Amazing Exia. Like the Exia’s GN Sword and Exia R2’s GN Sword Kai, it can be used as a sword for close combat or transform into rifle mode for ranged combat by folding up the sword blade.