What is Sunburn EDM?

What is Sunburn EDM?

Sunburn is a commercial electronic dance music festival held in India. From 2007 to 2015, it took place in Vagator, Goa, India every year, but in 2016 it was shifted to Pune, Maharashtra. However, for 2019, the festival came back to it home town in Vagator, Goa. It is Asia’s largest music festival.

How do you play Sunburn Festival?

The tickets can be booked via any of the authorised ticketing sources online, after which your authorised Sunburn Festival wristband, which grants you entry into the festival, is couriered to you.

What is Sunburn select?

Creators of Sunburn, launched ‘Sunburn Select’, a premium curated Rooftop Club Show catering to a select elite crowd in keeping with the Social Distancing rules and Government mandated SOPs.

What is Sunburn Holi?

Percept Live, the founding organization behind electronic dance music festival, Sunburn, has kicked off 2022 with the announcement of the ‘Sunburn Holi Weekend’ bash celebrating the Indian Festival of Colours with DJ KSHMR touring multiple cities pan India including Pune, Goa, Bengaluru and Delhi all through the long 3 …

What is Sunburn Festival Quora?

Sunburn is an electronic dance music Festival held at Candolim Beach, Goa , India every year. The festival is an amalgamation of Music , Entertainment , Food and Shopping , and was ranked by CNN in 2009 as the 9th Best Festival in the World.

Who Organises Sunburn Festival?

Percept Live
The Sunburn Festival, organised by Percept Live, was slated to be held on 28, 29 and 30 December this year at Vagator beach in north Goa, with over 60 international and local artists performing across three stages.

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Is Sunburn Festival Safe?

The festival will be Covid safety compliant. Any patrons found violating any Covid protocols will be asked to leave the premises with immediate effect. Sunburn will be working closely with authorities to ensure a smooth and safe festival for all. We are extremely glad to be back, and hope to see you at the sands!

Where is Sunburn Goa?

Vagator Beach2019 Sunburn Festival / Location

How did Sunburn start?

Meet the guys behind Sunburn, who are also bringing The Chainsmokers to India next month. Ranked by CNN in 2009 as one of the top 10 festivals in the world, Sunburn was started by a company that was founded by two brothers with a mere Rs 12,000 in capital.

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Why Sunburn Music Festival?

Started in 2007 as a 3 day music festival in Goa, Sunburn has grown to become an aspirational lifestyle brand boasting an eclectic mix of music, entertainment, experiences and celebration that has seeded music tourism in India.

Who are the artists at Sunburn Festival?

In its first year Sunburn included performances from Carl Cox, Above & Beyond and Axwell as headline acts. Other acts included John 00 Fleming, Pete Gooding, DJ Pearl, Jalebee Cartel, Super 8 & Tab, held on two stages with DJs playing simultaneously. The festival was hosted by Nikhil Chinapa and Rohit Barker.

How did sunburn become popular in Goa?

The arrival of commercialized events such as Sunburn arrived in Goa when mainstream electronic dance music gained more widespread popularity within India. In 2007, Shailendra Singh organized the first International Dance Music Festival in Goa, India.

When was the 8th edition of the Sunburn Festival?

On March 14, 2020 Government Engineering College Trivandrum, Barton Hill hosting the Sunburn featuring Progressive Brothers. The 8th edition took place in Vagator on 27 to 30 December 2014 and for the first time the festival was extended for an extra day and was performed by World no 2 DJ then Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and witnessed around 150 DJs.