How can I recover my pattern lock password?

How can I recover my pattern lock password?

Standard locks

  • Pattern: Draw a simple pattern with your finger.
  • PIN: Enter 4 or more numbers. Longer PINs tend to be more secure.
  • Password: Enter 4 or more letters or numbers. A strong password is the most secure screen lock option.

How can I open my phone pattern?

How to Unlock Pattern without Losing Data

  1. Bypass Samsung Lock Screen with Android Device Manager.
  2. Unlock Samsung Pattern Lock via Samsung Find My Mobile Service.
  3. Tap on Unlock Button.
  4. Enter Google Account and Password to Unlock.
  5. Choose Unlock Screen Function.
  6. Click Remove Now Button.
  7. Confirm your Device Brand and Continue.

How to unlock an Android pattern?

– Launch the software and connect your device to the PC, then kindly choose the “Remove Screen Lock” to get started with the process on how to unlock Android phone pattern – Now that there is a successful connection, you will a screen prompting you to start the unlocking process. – After few minutes, the entire process will be completed.

What are the most common Android unlock patterns?

Simply provide any incorrect pattern on your device to get the following screen.

  • From the bottom of the screen,you can tap on the “Forgot Pattern” feature.
  • Select the option to unlock your device with your Google credentials.
  • Provide the correct Google credentials of the account that is linked to your device.
  • How do I unlock my pattern lock?

    Enter incorrect pattern lock for 5 times so that the forgot pattern hints will show up.

  • Tap on “Forgot pattern?”
  • Type your Google account name/email as well as the password to sign in Account Unlock page.
  • Tap “Screen lock” in the Setting menu list and choose screen lock type that you want to use on Android phone afterward.
  • How do I unlock my Android phone pattern?

    Go to Samsung’s Find my Mobile official website log-in using your Samsung account credentials.

  • You can select your device from the left panel. By default,it will provide its location on the map.
  • Additionally,you can access various other services from here as well.