How do I adjust my Prodigy brake controller?

How do I adjust my Prodigy brake controller?

Roll the adjustment wheel on the left up or forward (towards the front of the vehicle) to get it to 6. Then you will drive about 20 miles per hour nd fully apply the manual override lever at the bottom (do not use the brake pedal). If the brakes lock up adjust the power down by turning the wheel the other way.

What does PL mean on my Prodigy brake controller?

0. Expert Reply: On a Prodigy P2 trailer brake controller # 90885 the error code PL indicates power loss, that the controller is losing its 12V power connection to the battery while your foot is on the brake pedal.

Why does my brake controller say NC?

Troubleshooting The N.C Code Flashing On Brake Controller The NC means not connected, so your brake controller isn’t seeing your trailer because there isn’t a power draw on the brake controller output wire. Often this is because of corrosion at the connections or a bent pin. Check and clean your…

What does NC on brake controller mean?

view full answer… Troubleshooting Prodigy Brake Controller Reading C or NC The “C” on your Prodigy brake controller like #90885 means that you have a trailer connected. Your brake controller is simply recognizing there is a draw on the brake output and your brakes should work well.

How do I know if my trailer brake controller is working?

The thing is, it’s not always easy to tell which (if any) trailer brakes are working just by pressing the pedal during a test drive. Instead, you’ll want to look for a slide bar on your brake controller. It should go from 0 to 10 or will have an indicator light.

Why does my trailer brake say NC?

NC Code on Tekonsha Prodigy Brake Controller After Installing 2nd 7-Way Trailer Connector The nc code on the Tekonsha Prodigy brake controller indicates that no trailer is connected. When you step on the brake pedal though it should still say that the trailer is not connected.

What is the best setting for a brake controller?

Tekonsha recommends setting the power setting for its unit at “6” for a starting point. This means that with the trailer attached and the engine running, the operator pulls the manual override lever on the controller all the way to the left—maximum brake.

How do you adjust trailer brake controller?

To adjust your brake controller output, press and hold the vehicle brake pedal. Set the output to the starting value specified in the instructions. Then, in an open area, test the trailer brakes by driving forward at about 25 mph and applying the brakes. If the vehicle stops too slowly, increase the maximum output.

What do the numbers on a trailer brake controller mean?

The brake controller typically displays a number of “0-10.” This number is the amount of braking force or gain that will be applied to the trailer brakes. The higher the number, the more braking power. Test Brakes. Begin driving about 25 miles MPH on flat level ground.