How do I reclaim space in NFS datastore?

How do I reclaim space in NFS datastore?

Reclaiming space on an NFS datastore (best practice)

  1. Use storage vmotion (we don’t have this but can shut the server down for cold migration.
  2. Use snap drive (hole punching)
  3. Use the VSC to use the “reclaim space” option.
  4. Using third party tools such as sdrive to first zero the blocks, then vmotion.

What is storage reclaim?

❒ Storage Reclamation. ❒ The process of removing unused storage from a LUN and returning it. to the common pool.

How do I reclaim free space on ESXi NFS datastore?

In the navigation pane, expand the datacenter that contains the datastore or the virtual machine. Right-click the datastore or virtual machine and select NetApp VSC > Reclaim Space. In the Reclaim Space dialog box, click OK.

What is vaai VMware?

vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI) is an application program interface (API) framework from VMware that enables certain storage tasks, such as thin provisioning, to be offloaded from the VMware server virtualization hardware to the storage array.

How do I reclaim datastore?

The first step is to identify the datastore(s) from which you want to reclaim storage. We will need the device name, and later the UUID. The next step is to identify if the device is detected as a thin-provisioned disk, and if it is VAAI-capable. I’ve shortened the output of the esxcli output to the necessary output.

How do I free up space on my ESXi datastore?

Add disks to the server and expand the VMFS, or create a new datastore. Add a NFS datastore. Remove unnecessary VMs. Setup a working monitoring , setup alarms, do not overprovision datastores, or switch to eager-zeroed disks.

How do I reclaim disk space in VMware?

Select the virtual machine you want to compact in the main window and click VM > Manage > Clean Up Disks. The tool will analyze the selected virtual machine’s disk and show you how much space you can reclaim. To reclaim the space, click “Clean up now”.

How many VMs are in a datastore?

VMware currently supports a maximum of 2,048 powered-on virtual machines per VMFS datastore. However, in most circumstances and environments, a target of 15 to 25 virtual machines per datastore is the conservative recommendation.

How do I clean my ESXI datastore?

How to Cleanly Remove a vSphere Datastore

  1. Power down all VMs on the datastore you wish to remove.
  2. Unregister all powered down VMs from inventory.
  3. Unmount the datastore from all hosts.
  4. Detach the device from all hosts.
  5. Rescan for storage devices.

What do you understand by virtual Datastore?

A datastore in the virtual environment used as a storage for your virtual inventory. Datastore stores Virtual machine files, log files, virtual disks & ISO images. In Paragraph AD. Datastore can contain different types of storages such as Local Storage of ESXi, iSCSI, NAS, SAN.

How do I reclaim free space on ESXI NFS datastore?