Is August a good month to go to Thailand?

Is August a good month to go to Thailand?

August is one of those months that starts receiving some rainfall after experiencing scorching heat in April, May, and June. Thus, there is no doubt that August is a good time to visit Thailand. It is perfect for both outdoor and indoor sightseeing. One can explore beaches as well as temples and museums this month.

Is the weather bad in Thailand in August?

Thailand August weather overview Rainfall across much of Thailand is at its peak in August, with temperatures continuing to drop slightly although humidity levels will remain high (avg temp: 26-30 °C).

Does it rain all day in Thailand in August?

August marks the peak of the wet season in Northern Thailand. Sure the wet season has a few months left in it, but August is the wettest. Expect a little over 20 days of rain in August, more along the Burmese border.

Where is the best weather in Thailand in August?

Thailand Weather in August

  • Bangkok and the surrounding area. The rain in Bangkok is persistent, keeping the city stiflingly hot.
  • Koh Samui and the southeastern Gulf of Thailand.
  • Chiang Mai and the North of Thailand.
  • Phuket and Krabi.
  • Koh Chang and the Eastern Gulf of Thailand.
  • Koh Lipe and the Trang islands.
  • Isan region.

How bad is the rain in Thailand in August?

Thailand Weather in August: Overview Heavy downpours are often seen in this month, but they don’t last long and tend to be in the afternoons and evenings. So, you can still expect sunny mornings in most of Thailand. The average precipitation in the major tourist destinations is a high 219 mm (9 in) for the month.

Is it OK to go to Phuket in August?

Frequently Asked Questions about Phuket in August August is one of the rainy months after the heat of April, May and June. So there is no doubt that August is a good time to visit Thailand. Great for both outdoor and indoor sightseeing. This month you can explore not only the beach but also temples and museums.

Is it worth going to Phuket in August?

The months of April, May, August, and November are ideal for visiting Phuket as the rainfall is less and weather is pleasant. These months are great for sightseeing, and April and November are great for diving. Flights and rooms can be booked at discounts as well.

Should I go to Phuket in August?

Phuket climate & weather Most travellers consider November to February the best time to visit Phuket, when days are mostly sunny and dry – ideal if you’re planning to spend lots of time on the beach. The wet season runs from May to October, when the south-west monsoon brings higher levels of rainfall and humidity.

Is it OK to visit Phuket in August?

Locals enjoy visiting in June, July and August. The weather in Phuket is generally fine and the island’s favourite attractions remain uncrowded. The usual pattern is for brief but heavy showers, with plenty of sunshine between downpours. Temperatures over this period range between 20°C to 33°C (70°F and 90°F).

Does it rain all day in Phuket in August?

Phuket weather in August may see a little more rain than in July since it is the peak of the rainy season. Once again, the rainy season doesn’t mean it will rain every day or all day, visitors will be able to enjoy some sunny days, and the temperature is not more comfortable than in the scorching previous months.

What is Thailand like in August?

Days are usually hot with balmy evenings, so visitors should pack light and cool clothing. The average daily maximum is 30 C and the average daily minimum is 25 C.

Can you swim in the sea in Phuket in August?

The beach is not safe there in July and August and is closed to swimming.

Does it rain a lot in Phuket in August?

In Phuket during August, the rain falls for 15 days, with an average rainfall of 286.8 mm.

Is Phuket worth visiting in August?

Does it rain all day in August in Phuket?

What is the weather like in Thailand in August?

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  • What is the best weather in Thailand?

    The Best Time to Visit Bangkok. Bangkok is a great metropolis worth visiting year-round,except in September and October,when the rains are heaviest.

  • The Best Time to Visit Phuket.
  • Best Time to Visit Chiang Mai.
  • Best Time to Visit Krabi.
  • When is the best time to visit Thailand weather wise?

    The North and Central region

  • The Gulf of Thailand
  • Andaman Sea coast.
  • How hot is Thailand in August?

    Khao Lak weather in August 2021. Get the latest coronavirus (Covid-19) updates for Thailand with current travel advice and statistics on new cases per 100,000 and vaccine. 31. 31°C max day temperature. 6.