What other stores are similar to Anthropologie?

What other stores are similar to Anthropologie?

15 Stores like Anthropologie to Shop Right Now

  • Christy Dawn. Christy Dawn.
  • Farm Rio. Farm Rio.
  • & Other Stories. & Other Stories.
  • Shopbop. Shopbop.
  • Free People. Free People.
  • Madewell. Madewell.
  • Mara Hoffman. Mara Hoffman.
  • Sézane. Sézane.

What style of clothing is Anthropologie?

What kind of style is Anthropologie? If you’re not familiar with Anthropologie, they’re mostly known for their bohemian, boho-chic styles. They also offer a wide variety of preppy/classic styles, trendy shoes, beauty and wellness products, and modern furniture and decor.

What stores are similar to Evereve?

Stores Like Evereve

  • Kindred Bravely.
  • ModCloth.
  • Venus.
  • Johnny Was.
  • Lane Bryant.
  • White Fox.
  • Good American.
  • Free people.

How do I get my Anthropologie look?

7 Secrets to Getting the Anthropologie Look at Home

  1. A signature scent is a must, even for your home.
  2. Figure out what piece you want as your room “narrator”
  3. Style fluidity is your friend.
  4. Found pieces add soul.
  5. Rearrange regularly to reinvigorate your home.
  6. See the beauty in everyday materials.
  7. It’s all in the details.

How do I get Anthropologie style?

What type of people shop at Anthropologie?

Anthropologie Today Anthropologie’s target market is women between the ages of 30-40 who are both affluent and individuals who want to reflect their unique style with what they wear. Senk goes beyond the surface and considers their target customer a “friend” (LaBarre). He refers to her as “well-read and well-traveled.

Who is Anthropologies target audience?

Anthropologie’s ideal demographic is affluent, settled-down career women in their 30s and 40s, with an average family income of $200,000 a year. The brand sells its products at premium prices points, for example, $250 sundresses, $400 shoes, $700 end tables.

Where can I buy Anthropologie dupes?

You can find these amazing Anthropologie dupes in Target’s new Opalhouse line for so much cheaper!

What stores are similar to Anthropologie?

20 Online Stores Similar to Anthropologie With Gorgeous, Boho-Chic Clothing Options That You’ll Love 1 Free People. 2 Urban Outfitters. 3 Other Stories. 4 Madewell. 5 Mango. 6 Madison Style. 7 ModCloth. 8 Shopbop. 9 J.Crew. 10 Boden.

Is free people similar to Anthropologie?

If you love Anthropologie, then you’ll love Free People! Their style is very similar to Anthro… but with a bit more boho and vintage flair. (They’re actually owned by the same company as Anthro.)

What are the best Boho fashion stores like Anthropologie?

Some of the most recommended Boho brands from this store like Anthropologie are Fanmmon, Sanikai, Ailanto, My Sleeping Gypsy, 26. We Are Kindred “Feminine, sensual, free, and modern Boho clothes you’ll love to wear.” From all stores like free people, We Are Kindred has a unique story that begins with two sisters and their vision.

What are the best Anthropologie alternatives in 2018?

Topshop is another very affordable alternative store to Anthropologie. I personally often visit Topshop’s stores, hoping to catch some of their latest boho-inspired selections. Topshop remains an excellent store for those of us who tend to have many different Boho styles, in particular fresh styles and cuts.