How much does icon plane cost?

How much does icon plane cost?

Cost of the ICON A5 A fully equipped 2018 model will set you back around $296,000, while the ICON A5 Limited Edition (S-LSA) starts at $359,000 for delivery in the US. The plane’s total variable operating cost per hour is $79.

How much is the ICON A5 plane?

Built to be safe, easy to fly and with an interior that looks remarkably like the inside of a modern car. All this comes at a hefty price tag, the ICON A5 costs 269,000 USD; however, for the fully equipped version the price is 389,000 USD. The ICON A5 runs on 91 octane car fuel or 100LL aviation fuel.

How far can you fly in an ICON A5?

The A5 can fly or cruise at a maximum speed of 105k. Its maximum take-off weight is 1,430lb. The take-off and landing distance of the plane is 750ft and its range is 300 nautical miles. The fuel tank can store 20gal.

Is ICON Aircraft still in business?

Contrary to the predictions of many naysayers, however, the company is still in business, it is producing airplanes—the Icon A5 amphibious light sport aircraft—and it is focused on extracting maximum efficiency from its production lines while still producing a high-quality recreational aircraft that people want to buy.

Does icon make 4 seater?

Primary Category aircraft are intended to be simpler and recreational in nature, have up to 4 seats, and have a higher weight limit than LSA. However, the Primary Category does not allow for high-performance engines, carrying more than 4 people, or flying for commercial use.

Can a pontoon plane land on land?

Floatplanes are a type of seaplane, and have floats (or pontoons) mounted underneath their fuselage to act as landing gear. Some floatplanes only have floats, and are only able to land in the water.

What kind of aircraft is the ICON A5?

ICON A5 with its wings folded for transport. ICON Aircraft positions the A5 with a recreational focus, stating that the aircraft competes with powersports vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles, watercraft, and snowmobiles, rather than other airplanes.

When did Jay Leno fly the ICON A5?

Jay Leno Flies the ICON A5 on CNBC. The award-winning ICON A5 is featured on a Season 5 episode of Jay Leno’s hit TV program, “Jay Leno’s Garage” on CNBC. The episode aired on October 2, 2019, prominently featuring ICON’s first product, the amphibious light-sport ICON A5, alongside other aviation innovators.

Why buy a pre-owned ICON A5?

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What was the cost of the ICON Aircraft infusion?

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