Is Blueberry weed sativa or indica?

Is Blueberry weed sativa or indica?

About Blueberry Blueberry is a popular, flavor-forward indica hybrid with a strong genetic backbone. It is a three-way cross between an indica Afghani parent and sativa Thai and Purple Thai variant parents.

How strong is Blueberry weed?

Blueberry is not just famous for its great effects and its unique flavor, but it also well known for its sheer intensity. You can expect anywhere from 16% THC all the way up to 23.5% THC, making this strain potentially one of the most powerful indica strains out there.

What is Blueberry weed?

Blueberry, also known as “Berry Blue,” is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Purple Thai with Thai. A true A-List cannabis strain, Blueberry’s legendary status soared to new heights after claiming the High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best indica.

Is there blue weed?

All blue cannabis descends from Dutch Passion’s Blueberry, developed in Amsterdam in the 1970s. Popular strains include Blue Haze, Blue Mystic and Blue Cheese. These predominant Indica strains are known for being heavy, often used for relaxation and for providing relief from muscle spasms, pain, or stress.

What is the best Blueberry strain?

Top 10 Blueberry strains

  1. Blue Cheese. Genetics. Indica-dominant (60%)
  2. White Berry. Genetics. Blueberry.
  3. CBD Blue Shark. Genetics. Indica-dominant (60%)
  4. Blueberry Autoflowering. Genetics. Indica-dominant (70%) autoflowering.
  5. DJ’s Gold. Genetics.
  6. Sweet Deep Grapefruit. Genetics.
  7. SoGouda. Genetics.
  8. Sour Blueberry. Genetics.

How much does Blueberry weed cost?

Blueberry Kush $180 Oz $110 1/2.

Does Blueberry strain have CBD?

Blueberry CBD is a potent high-CBD Indica-dominant cannabis strain. It delivers a unique euphoria while also providing relief. It’s very popular due to its tantalizing blueberry flavor and fruity aroma….Blueberry CBD Seeds.

Plant type 80% Indica 20% Sativa
Effects Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed | Sleepy

What’s the best blueberry strain?

What is CBD Kush?

CBD Kush, created by the prolific Dutch Passion Seeds, is a strain specifically bred to yield a balance between THC and CBD effects. It is a cross between an unspecified, CBD-rich strain and the citrusy. CBD Kush has between 1% to 8% THC and as much as 7% to 11% CBD.

What is the most colorful weed strain?

It is characterized by green, purple, orange, yellow, and many other shades. In other words, Black beauty is the most colorful weed strain. Black Beauty is famous for its pretty buds, inviting aroma, sweet flavor, and high THC content.

What weed has purple hairs?

Granddaddy Purple Also known as Grand Daddy Purp, Granddaddy Purp, or GDP, this is the most popular purple weed strain worldwide. It is a cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Its buds are strikingly purple and decorated by fiery orange hairs.

Why is some weed so cheap?

But they typically cost less to grow because they produce higher yields per crop. Put another way, we can charge less and still cover our costs. Likewise, our Tier 3 and premium strains typically carry a higher price tag because they cost more to grow while producing smaller batches.