What brand is the belt with two circles?

What brand is the belt with two circles?

INC International Concepts Double Circle Belt, Created for Macy’s & Reviews – Belts – Handbags & Accessories – Macy’s.

How do you use a circle belt buckle?

Loop the belt back over itself on top of the first ring and under the second ring. Pull the end of the belt back towards your right, going over the top of the first ring. Slide the tip of the belt under the second ring and pull the end all the way through until the rings are flat against the front of your waist.

How do you do dungaree straps?

The strap goes through the loop from back to front and lays flat. It’s then pulled round the outside of the dungarees and wrapped around, behind the strap and over to the middle of the dungarees. Then the end of the strap goes through the hole you created, and pull tight!

How do you tie a double ring belt?

Stand up straight with a pair of pants on, buttoned and zipped up. Put the end of the double ring belt through the front loop on your left side, then pull it through all the other loops until it is wrapped all the way around your waist. This applies to any kind of double ring belt.

How do I keep the rings on my belt separate?

Tip: You can keep the rings separated by putting a fingertip in between them to get the belt over the first ring and under the second ring more easily.

What is a double ring belt?

This article has been viewed 93,585 times. Double ring belts are a type of belt, usually made out of a more casual material like canvas, that are fastened using a set of 2 metal rings in place of a belt buckle. If you’ve never worn a double ring belt before, it’s easy to get confused when you’re trying to tighten the belt for the first time.

How do I put a belt on my belt?

Pass the tip of the loose end of the belt over the first belt loop on your right hand side, then slip the tip between the belt and the waist of your pants, from the top edge of the belt downwards.