What is the JSP 950?

What is the JSP 950?

A holistic description of the way the Defence Medical Services will deliver health services support in the future.

What does Cssra stand for military?

7 BACKGROUND Countries to which Special Security Regulations Apply (CSSRA) are those whose native intelligence services pose a threat to British interests assessed to be SEVERE – An attack (activity) is highly likely, or they play host (often unknowingly) to third party Foreign Intelligence Services.

How many mod sites are there in the UK?

1,000 sites
The MoD owns around 1,000 sites in total, 91 of which will be sold off. Eight of the sites to be sold are in Scotland, including Fort George, an 18th-century fort which currently accommodates soldiers from the Black Watch.

What stops you joining the British Army?

Knee injuries and chronic knee pain. History of bone fractures. Shoulder problems resulting in functional limitations or restrictions of movement. Loss of a limb.

What does Pulhheems stand for?

The PULHHEEMS is a system of grading physical and mental fitness used by Britain’s armed forces. PULHHEEMS is tri-service, which is to say that it is used by the British Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. Its purpose is to determine the suitability of its employees for posting into military zones.

What is TLB military?

Responsible for representing the Army Top Level Budget (TLB) within Head Office and outwards to relevant TLBs and dependencies, provides oversight of the Army Operating Model and provides overall personnel policy direction as the Principal Personnel Officer.

What does CRC stand for MoD?


CRC Control Reporting Centre
CRP Control Reporting Point
CSABM Collaborative System for Air Battlespace Management
CSVH Combat Support Vehicle Heavy

Who owns the MOD in the UK?

The Ministry of Defence is one of the United Kingdom’s largest landowners, owning 227,300 hectares of land and foreshore (either freehold or leasehold) at April 2014, which was valued at “about £20 billion”. The MOD also has “rights of access” to a further 222,000 hectares.

What are RAF soldiers called?

RAF Regiment instructors are responsible for training all Royal Air Force personnel in basic force protection such as first aid, weapon handling and CBRN skills. The regiment and its members are known within the RAF as “The Regiment”, “Rock Apes” or “Rocks”.

Can you join the Army with hearing loss UK?

Patients requiring hearing aids or cochlear implants are excluded from military recruitment. Patients with unilateral hearing loss are also rejected.

What is a P8 medical discharge?

P8: Medically unfit for service. • P0: Medically unfit for duty and under medical care.