Who becomes Jarl of Morthal?

Who becomes Jarl of Morthal?

Civil War. If the Dragonborn sides with the Stormcloaks during the Civil War, Sorli replaces Idgrod Ravencrone as Jarl of Morthal. Upon being appointed with the new title, she takes up residence in Highmoon Hall with her husband Pactur as her Steward, and a worker from Stonehills, Teeba-Ei, serving as her housecarl.

Can you be Thane of Morthal?

If you joined the imperials, you can only become thane when you’ve completed the imperial’s Civil War quest line. The objectives you need to complete here are as simple as is Morthal. Obtain the Helm for the Jarl, and then help out five people in his Hold, and purchase a piece of property for 15000.

Who is Laelette the vampire?

Laelette is a Breton vampire residing in Morthal. She is the wife of Thonnir, and mother of Virkmund, and a servant of Alva.

What does Gorms letter say?

It is time. Change is needed; something must be done. I await your response.

Can you save Alva?

During the quest Laid to Rest, she is normally killed by you if she is in the house when you break in to get her journal. If she is not in the house, it is not necessary to kill her to complete the quest. If she is not killed she will be found in Movarth’s Lair later on.

Where is idgrod the younger located in Skyrim?

Idgrod the Younger is a Nord who resides in Morthal. She is the only daughter of Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone and Aslfur of Morthal and cares for her younger sickly brother, Joric. She is located in or around Highmoon Hall in Morthal.

Who is idgrod the younger?

Idgrod the Younger is a Nord sorceress living in Highmoon Hall in Morthal. She takes care of her brother, Joric, with the help of potions given to her by Danica Pure-Spring.

Where can I find Ingrid in Skyrim?

“Death to the Stormcloaks!” Ingrid is a Nord who can be found in Helgen moments before it is attacked by Alduin . Hadvar: “What was that?” Tullius: “It’s nothing. Carry on.” Captain: “Yes, General Tullius. Give them their last rites.”