How many calories are in a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken?

How many calories are in a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken?


KFCChicken Breast – Original Recipe 1 piece (172g) Nutrition Facts 390 calories Log food
KFCSweet Kernel Corn 1 side order (95g) Nutrition Facts 100 calories Log food
KFCChocolate Chip Cookie 1 cookie (35g) Nutrition Facts 170 calories Log food

What is the lowest calorie food in KFC?

There are 71 calories in each serve of KFC Regular Potato & Gravy. They’re not called “Mashed Potato”, probably because they’re not mashed in the traditional sense. It might not be the healthiest food on this list, but this is KFC’s lowest calorie menu item.

How many calories are in a KFC 2 piece meal?

There are 899 calories in 1 serving of KFC – 2 Piece Pack.

Can I lose weight eating KFC?

The facts are facts. Yes, you can lose weight by eating nothing but a KFC all the time, provided you remain in a calorie deficit whilst chowing down that bucket of wings.

Can I lose weight by eating KFC?

Will eating KFC make me fat?

Kentucky fried chicken is just that, DEEP FRIED. This means that the chicken is high in cholesterol, saturated fats and trans fats. The KFC menu, no matter what you choose, is also very high in sodium. Too much sodium not only retains fluid, it will make you bloated.

What is the healthiest food at KFC?

– Cole Slaw (180 calories, 150 milligrams sodium) – Light String Cheese (50 calories, 160 milligrams sodium) – Caesar Side Salad Without Croutons or Dressing (40 calories, 90 milligrams of sodium) – Side Salad Without Dressing (15 calories, 10 milligrams of sodium)

How many carbs are in KFC?

In our series of letters from African journalists, Kenyan broadcaster Waihiga Mwaura writes about what the recent row over KFC French fries says about farming in his country. Needing a quick source of calories as I find a gap in my hectic schedule you can

How to order low carb at KFC?

Be mindful of the sides — the coleslaw has a whopping 10g carbs.

  • Order your chicken with sides of hot sauce and the Buttermilk Ranch dipping sauce. SO. GOOD.
  • KFC not your cup of tea? How about Wendy’s or McDonald’s,instead?
  • How many calories are in a KFC family meal?

    Each choice contains around 500 calories. Customers may also select between the KFC Famous Bowl and chicken pot pies, both of which supply more than 700 calories, over 30g of fat, and 2,000 mg of sodium. Choosing the snack-size version of the bowl dramatically decreases each nutritional value. back to top