How many Phi Sigma Pi chapters are there?

How many Phi Sigma Pi chapters are there?

117Phi Sigma Pi / Chapters

What is Sigma Pi known for?

Sigma Pi encourages a fraternal culture that promotes its ideals by philanthropic events for its members and the communities in which its chapters are located. Each chapter is required to complete regular philanthropy events and participate in Sigma Pi’s Altruistic Campus Experience (ACE).

What colleges have Sigma Pi?


Name Chartered Institution
Sigma 1922 Iowa State University
Tau 1922 University of Wisconsin–Madison
Upsilon 1923 University of California, Los Angeles
Chi 1923 University of Pittsburgh

How do I get out of Phi Sigma Pi?

Any Member not currently delinquent in the remittance of any dues, fees or fines may resign from Phi Sigma Pi. To resign, the Collegiate Member must submit a request to either their Collegiate Chapter or the National Council. All other Members must submit a request to the National Council.

Who founded Phi Sigma Pi?

Phi Sigma Pi Honorary Professional Fraternity was Founded Claude A. Phillips and Dr. C. H. McClure at State Teachers College, Warrensburg, known today as the University of Central Missouri. In addition ten other Brothers were part of the founding group.

Can you join multiple professional frats?

In most instances, you cannot quit your fraternity and join another one. All national fraternities are part of the National Interfraternity Conference (NIC). The NIC explicitly states that you cannot join another fraternity if you have already been initiated into one. However, there can be exceptions to this rule.

Is Phi Sigma Pi free?

How much does it cost to join? In order to join Phi Sigma Pi, potential members must meet all financial obligations. The first semester, known as your initiation semester, will typically cost around $200.00. However, every semester after you become a Brother, dues will be significantly lower.

What is an honors fraternity?

In the United States, an honor society is a rank organization that recognizes excellence among peers.

What is Grand Boule?

More than 3,000 archons (members) and archousai (wives) attended the Grand Boule Centennial Celebration, the largest gathering in the history of the fraternity, which is oftentimes called the Boule, meaning, in fraternity parlance, “a council of noblemen.”