What are the Android MMI codes?

What are the Android MMI codes?

Generic secret codes for Android phones (Info codes)

*#*#1111#*#* FTA software version (Select devices only)
*#*#1234#*#* PDA software version
*#12580*369# Software and hardware info
*#7465625# Device lock status

What is hidden code?

USSD codes, also colloquially known as a “secret codes,” are simply codes that are used to unlock hidden actions in your smartphone. Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a user interface protocol that you can use to access hidden features in your smartphone.

What is LG SVC code?

Enter 0413 . This should instantly bring up the service menu on nearly all LG TVs.

What are the secret codes for LG phones?

Secret Codes for LG Phones Code Function *#06# To display the IMEI Number of the mobile 2945*#01*# Secret menu for LG. 2945#*# Test mode. *8375# Use to display the mobile software versi

How do I unlock my LG phone with a knock code?

LG ANDROID KNOCK ON & KNOCK CODE With Knock ON you can set the phone to turn the screen on by quickly double-tapping the screen. Double-tap an empty area in the Home screen, Status Bar, or Lock screen to turn the screen off. Knock Code is a security feature that enables a user to unlock the phone when the screen is off.

Are there any hidden codes for Android phones?

One UI by Samsung and MIUI by Xiaomi) and carrier-customized models often come with their own set of hidden codes. Below you can find a bunch of generic as well as device-specific Android hidden codes. Give them a try and discover some of the handiest secret functionalities of your phone.

How do I check the software version of my LG mobile device?

Test mode. Use to display the mobile software version. To display the SW and IMEI Number (LG 510). Simlock menu (LG 7020, 7010). Simlock menu (LG 500, 600). Simlock menu (LG 510W, 5200). Test Menu 8330. Test Menu 8180 V10a.