Are the Kings a one hit wonder?

Are the Kings a one hit wonder?

The Kings are a Canadian rock band formed in 1977 in Oakville, Ontario. They are best known for their 1980 song “This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide”, which was a hit in the United States and Canada….

The Kings
Members David Diamond Mister Zero Peter Nunn Sonny Keyes Todd Reynolds

Who is We The Kings signed to?

S‑Curve RecordsRepublic RecordsVirgin RecordsBertelsmann Music Group
We The Kings/Record labels

What was the number-one rock song in 1995?

Rock, Rap, Grunge, Alternative, and more music lists, Click “Main Music Page”….100 Greatest Songs From 1995.

No. Song Artist
1 Gangsta’s Paradise Coolio
2 Wonderwall Oasis
3 California Love 2Pac (feat. Dr. Dre)
4 You Oughta Know Alanis Morissette

What was the number one song December 1998?

Chart history

No. Issue date Song
835 November 28 “Lately”
836 December 5 “I’m Your Angel”
December 12
December 19

How many albums does we the kings have?

We the Kings discography. The discography of We the Kings, an American rock band, consists of eight studio albums, one compilation album, four extended plays, and 15 singles.

What is we the Kings’new album name?

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When did we the Kings release the story of Tonight?

In February 2016, We The Kings put out a single called “The Story of Tonight”. The song was a cover of a song from the popular musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The single was released on S-Curve Records, the record label on which the band had released their first three albums.

How many dates did we the Kings tour in 2017?

On December 5, 2016, We the Kings announced a tour that will commemorate the ten year anniversary of their debut album, We the Kings, that was released in 2007. The tour will go from February to May 2017 with 32 dates in the US, 3 dates in the UK, and 1 date in Canada. On September 12, 2017,…