Are there tours of Denali National Park?

Are there tours of Denali National Park?

There are four bus tours available in Denali National Park & Preserve: Tundra Wilderness Tour. Denali Natural History Tour. Eielson Excursion.

What is the best time to explore Denali National Park?

Summer offers the best chances to see wildlife, the most moderate weather and the easiest time to visit as activities and lodges are all operating. Regardless of the month, the key to your visit to Denali is getting organized ahead of time.

How long is the Denali Natural History Tour?

4.5 – 5 Hours
Tour Overview

Tour Duration 4.5 – 5 Hours (17 miles one-way)
Accessibility Wheelchair accessible buses are available upon request when you make your reservation, and all stops are wheelchair accessible. If you have a need for a wheelchair seat on your tour, please call 866.761.6631
Reservations Check Availability

What is the best way to see Denali?

Where to See Denali – Best Views of the Mountain

  1. When you arrive at the Anchorage International Airport, look for Denali to the north as you walk out of the terminal.
  2. Visit Earthquake Park in Anchorage.
  3. Hike to the top of Flattop Mountain in Anchorage.
  4. Stop at the Denali and Alaska Range Overlook in Fairbanks.

Do you need a car in Denali?

A car isn’t really a necessity once you arrive in Denali, however, so consider taking the train right to the park entrance instead. Alaska Railroad’s “Denali Star” connects the park to Anchorage and Fairbanks, and makes a stop right at the entrance of Denali during the summer season (mid-May through mid-September).

Can you see the northern lights in Denali?

Denali is a great location for viewing the aurora because we are located at a far northern latitude and because there is very limited light pollution.

What is the best way to experience Denali National Park?

Why you should visit Denali National Park?

You cannot drive through Denali National Park in a private vehicle

  • Denali is not always visible (it is visible around every three days)
  • There are no hiking trails to follow
  • How many people visit Denali National Park per year?

    February 26,1917 – Established (as “Mount McKinley National Park”). Park was around 2,146,000 acres at that time.

  • 1976 – Designated an International Biosphere Reserve
  • December 2,1980 – Renamed Denali National Park and Preserve,park roughly tripled in size.
  • Learn more about park history
  • Why is Denali National Park so popular?

    If you’ve never been to Denali,Denali hiking tours are the best and safest way to experience the area.

  • Avoid high ridges and exposed areas during a storm.
  • Consider hiking with at least one person,especially if you don’t have much wilderness hiking experience.
  • Always stay in areas where visibility isn’t an issue.
  • Brush up on wildlife basics.
  • How do you get to Denali National Park?

    – Fly to Anchorage, train, travel • 10h 51m – Car ferry, bus • 2 days 15h – Fly to Fairbanks, bus, travel • 12h 17m – Travel, car ferry, bus, Tour, train • 35h 30m – Car ferry, train, travel • 2 days 11h. Am I allowed to travel from Juneau to Denali National Park and Preserve? Yes, travel within United States is currently allowed.