Can I use Threema on computer?

Can I use Threema on computer?

Both the desktop app and the web client allow you to use Threema on a desktop computer. You need the mobile app (for Android or iOS) in both cases, and your mobile device must be connected to the Internet. The desktop app is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

What’s the difference between Threema and Threema work?

The Threema and the Threema Work app are compatible and are generally identical as far as features are concerned. Both Threema and Threema Work are compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Threema OnPrem is the self-hosted version of the SaaS solution Threema Work.

Does Threema work on Android?

Related articles. Starting with version 4.6, Threema’s Android app requires Android 5.0 or later. For security and compatibility reasons, it’s required that the Threema apps run on current OS versions. It is therefore inevitable that support for obsolete operating systems is discontinued from time to time.

Is Threema safer than signal?

Both Threema and Signal are considered safe when compared to standard instant messengers like Whatsapp, Viber, or Messenger.

Do you need a phone number for Threema?

In contrast to other messengers, your identity in Threema isn’t tied to a phone number (cf. What is a Threema ID?). Hence, you can use Threema without any limitation on a device that doesn’t have a SIM card slot (cf. Supported Devices).

Is Threema hacked?

As of now, it is safe to say that Threema and WhatsApp are equally secure. They both use end-to-end (E2E) encryption with strong cryptography to protect the contents of your messages.

Can I use Threema on multiple devices?

It’s not possible to set up a Threema ID on multiple devices at the same time. You can, however, use the desktop app or the web client to connect to the device on which your Threema ID is set up.

Is Threema really safe?

Threema calls are as secure as Threema messages. Just like Threema messages, voice calls and video calls are end-to-end encrypted. The call connection is established using Threema messages in the background; therefore, Threema calls are just as trustworthy as chats, and the same verification levels apply.

Do I need a phone number or email address to use Threema?

No phone number or email address is required in order to use Threema. This enables you to use Threema completely anonymously . Threema is designed to generate as little data on servers as possible: Groups and contact lists are solely managed on users’ devices, messages are immediately deleted after delivery.

Is Threema ad-free?

Threema is ad-free, and it will always stay that way. The company is fully funded by its app sales and by corporate customers’ subscriptions. Thanks to the solid business model, Threema is not dependent on any investors.

Why choose Threema Work as a WhatsApp alternative?

Every company benefits from a secure and privacy-compliant WhatsApp alternative. With Threema Work, employees communicate in a fast, efficient, and straightforward manner – without the danger of business secrets or user data getting into the wrong hands. Also, there’s no more reason for the staff to adopt a dangerous shadow IT.