Is there a generic for Advantix?

Is there a generic for Advantix?

Avantect II for Dogs Vetality Avantect II is a generic brand of K9 Advantix II. Both products contain the same active ingredients, but the concentration in Avantect II is slightly lower. Like K9 Advantix II, Avantect II is a topical flea medication for dogs.

What is the difference between K9 Advantix and Advantix II?

The main difference between Advantix and Advantix II is the addition of IGR, Insect Growth Regulator, that not only attacks live adult parasites, but also their eggs and larvae.

Does K9 Advantix II require a prescription?

Many of the most common topical flea medications such as Frontline Plus, Advantage II and K9 Advantix II do not require a prescription.

Can I use K9 Advantix twice in a month?

K9 Advantix should not be applied more than once in a month.

Does Advantix require prescription?

Is NexGard better than Advantix?

Nexgard uses Afoxoflaner and kills 100% of fleas in 24 hours. K9 Advantix is a combination of Permethrin, Imidacloprid, and Pyriproxyfen and begins to kill fleas in 12 hours. Nexgard is the only FDA approved option for preventing infections that cause Lyme disease.

How long after applying K9 Advantix II Can I touch my dog?

K9 Advantix II takes about 12 hours to take effect. Once it does, it kills all the fleas that are on the dog. From there, any new fleas that jump on the dog from the floors, bedding, etc.

Can you put too much Advantix on a dog?

When used as directed, such products are safe and effective. However, dogs and cats can easily become sick if too much or the wrong flea product is applied, or the product is ingested post-application. Ingestion occurs if the dog or cat licks the treated area.

Can I use Advantix II and Nexgard together?

Also Advantage Multi does not provide any protection against ticks, however it can be safely combined with other products (i.e. Advantix, Bravecto, Nexgard) safely.

Can I touch my dog after K9 Advantix?

During Application Even so, and especially if you do not use gloves, you should always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling the medication. Refrain from petting your dog, and prevent your children from touching him, until after the product absorbs into the skin or dries on the fur.

Does Advantix II prevent heartworm?

Two of the most popular options are K9 Advantix II and Heartgard Plus….Closing thoughts about K9 Advantix II and Heartgard.

Feature K9 Advantix II Heartgard Plus
Repels Ticks Yes No
Repels Mosquitoes Yes No
Prevents Heartworm No Yes
Other Parasites Lice & Biting Flies Hookworms and roundworms

Can you use K9 Advantix on a large dog?

K9 Advantix ® II is available in four sizes: Small Dog, Medium Dog, Large Dog and Extra-large Dog. Monthly treatments are required for optimal control and prevention of fleas and ticks. For dogs over 55 lbs., do not apply more than one tube per treatment. Do not use on puppies under 7 weeks of age or weighing less than 4 lbs.

Does Bayer K9 Advantix II kill fleas?

Bayer K9 Advantix II kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes through contact. These harmful parasites do not have to bite your dog to die. Bayer K9 Advantix II topical flea, tick and mosquito protection for dogs is recommended by veterinarians.

How long does it take for Bayer K9 Advantix to work?

Just one application of Bayer K9 Advantix II flea and tick prevention for extra-large dogs starts working to kill fleas within 12 hours, is waterproof after 24 hours, and continues to work to kill fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for up to 30 days, even after a bath or swimming. We recommend the use of a grooming shampoo designed specifically for pets.

Can dogs sleep together after being treated with Advantix®?

In this case, recently treated dogs should not be allowed to sleep together with their owner, especially children. Advantix® is easy to apply – one dose, once or twice a month, simply applied onto the skin of the animals and available in four different pipette sizes.