What are the best Iron Maiden albums?

What are the best Iron Maiden albums?

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (1988)

  • Powerslave (1984)
  • The Number Of The Beast (1982)
  • Somewhere In Time (1986)
  • Piece Of Mind (1983)
  • Brave New World (2000)
  • Killers (1981)
  • Fear Of The Dark (1992)
  • A Matter Of Life And Death (2006)
  • The Book Of Souls (2015)
  • What Iron Maiden album should I start with?

    Start with The Number of the Beast and Powerslave. If you start searching “Iron Maiden albums ranked” on the Internet, these two albums are usually ranked the highest in Maiden’s discography, and I think Powerslave gets an edge over The Number of the Beast as the best Maiden album ever.

    How many albums have Iron Maiden recorded?

    The discography of Iron Maiden, an English heavy metal band founded in 1975 by bassist Steve Harris, includes seventeen studio albums, as well as numerous live albums, compilations, EPs, singles,…

    How many albums did Iron Maiden release?

    Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band formed in Leyton, East London, in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris.The band’s discography has grown to 41 albums, including 17 studio albums, 13 live albums, four EPs, and seven compilations.They have also released 47 singles and 20 video albums. Two electronic games have been released with Iron Maiden soundtracks, and the band’s

    How many albums have Iron Maiden have sold?

    Iron Maiden are considered one of the most influential and successful heavy metal bands in history, with The Sunday Times reporting in 2017 that the band have sold over 100 million copies of their albums worldwide, despite little radio or television support.

    Was Iron Maiden originally a punk band?

    Legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden formed in London in the mid-’70s, around the same time punk rock was gaining a foothold in the city’s underground. Modern metal and contemporary punk have several common ancestors, but in those early days the two styles were much more separate.