What is a 100 mile ride called?

What is a 100 mile ride called?

century ride
A century ride is a road cycling ride of 100 kilometers or more in metric system countries or 100 miles (160.9 km) or more in imperial system countries, usually as a cycling club-sponsored event.

How tall are the Stratosphere rides?

Shoot straight up 160 feet in the air at 45 mph on Big Shot, spin at 3 Gs while dangling from the SkyPod on Insanity and take a roller coaster ride like no other that teeter totters you over the edge of the SkyPod from 866 feet high on X-Scream.

How hard is it to ride 100 miles?

Even the most experienced riders cannot hide the satisfaction of ticking off 100 miles in the saddle. But, unfortunately, riding a century is not quite as easy as just riding a bike. Hitting that mercurial 100-mile mark involves plenty of off-the-bike preparation as well as some prior training and nutrition knowledge.

What is a drop ride?

Drop Ride: A ride in which the group is not obligated to stop for slower riders for any reason (exceptions include accidents and medical emergencies). The group is going to ride fast, and if you’re too slow, you’re riding home by yourself.

What’s a good time for a century ride?

A pack of professional road cyclists can do it in less than four hours. In optimal conditions (flat route with a tailwind), that can be closer to 3:15 to 3:30. Amateur cyclists who are accustomed to the distance often pursue the milestone of a sub-5-hour road century (20 mph average).

What rides are at adventuredome?

El LocoCanyon BlasterFrog HopperCanyon CarsCircus CarouselRoad Runner
The Adventuredome Indoor Theme Park/Rides

What should I eat on a century bike ride?

There is really no special food to have. A lot of people will change their pre-race breakfast and start having rice and things they aren’t used to, but really breakfast cereals are ideal high-GI carbohydrates. Cereals, rice pudding, toast, even croissants and jam – just regular breakfast foods.

What should I eat before a century ride?

Eat a good breakfast containing 750 to 1,000 calories a couple of hours before the start of the century. Eat mostly complex carbs with a bit of protein and fat. Try whole-grain cereal with a banana and skim milk or multi-grain toast with low-fat yogurt and berries.

What kind of bike do I need for a century ride?

60-100+ miles is a long way to go, and you definitely want to get the most out of each pedal stroke. The two types of bikes that will work best for B2B are called a “Road bike” or a “road hybrid”.

How much are Adventuredome tickets?

Never pay for individual rides–costs add up quickly, buy an All Day Pass: Regular Pass is $31.95 (48 inches tall or taller). Junior Pass is $17.95 (Under 48 inches tall).

Is there a weight limit at Adventuredome?

Restrictions here are height and weight based: * Male Over 6’0″ 230 lbs max. * Between 5’6″ & 6’0″ 220 lbs max. * Male Under 5’6″ 180 lbs max.

How do you fuel a 100k ride?

Aim to take on 60g of carbs for every hour you ride. This can be in the form of a drink and two gels (check the packaging for nutritional information), a couple of small pastries, or even an energy bar. Don’t experiment with nutrition on the day of the event.