What is another word for well learned?

What is another word for well learned?

In this page you can discover 93 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for learned, like: erudite, instructed, ascertained, discovered, memorized, academic, acquired, understood, accomplished, scholarly and lettered.

What is the meaning of well learned?

adjective. 1Having sound knowledge or a good education; fully versed or thoroughly instructed in a subject.

What is another way to say I have learned?

What is another word for have learned?

know understand
apprehend comprehend
endure experience
grasp have a taste of
recogniseUK recognizeUS

How do you say gained skills?

  1. acquire. verb. to get new knowledge or a new skill by learning it.
  2. acquire. verb. to gradually develop or learn something.
  3. cultivate. verb. to develop something such as an attitude, ability, or skill.
  4. deepen. verb.
  5. freshen up. phrasal verb.
  6. get/have the hang of something. phrase.
  7. glean. verb.
  8. have/get a feeling for something. phrase.

How do you say you learned something on a resume?

How to demonstrate a willingness to learn on a resume

  1. Highlight both hard and soft skills.
  2. List additional certifications and credentials.
  3. Describe the results of learning new skills.
  4. Provide specific examples of your accomplishments.
  5. Give examples of your professional development.

Which is correct learnt or learned?

Learnt and learned are both used as the past participle and past tense of the verb to learn. Learned is the generally accepted spelling in the United States and Canada, while the rest of the English-speaking world seems to prefer learnt.

How do you say noted in a nice way?

For this reason, it is essential to be as clear as possible and leave no room for misunderstandings.

  1. Duly noted.
  2. I have taken note of this.
  3. Noted with thanks.
  4. This will be taken into consideration.
  5. I will take this on board.
  6. Kindly noted.
  7. Message received.
  8. I will make a note of that.

What is another word for gaining knowledge?

What is another word for gain knowledge?

learn realiseUK
realizeUS apprentice
absorb knowledge acquire knowledge

How do you say I am a good learner?

Other ways to say ‘fast learner’ Adaptable. Attentive learner. Detail-oriented. Receptive to training.

How do professionals say quick learner?

Use synonyms so you aren’t just saying “quick learner” over and over. Try “adept,” “capable,” “receptive,” “retain information,” and “able to quickly grasp new concepts.”

How would you describe a good learning experience?

A great learning experience adds value to the learner This means we are helping them understand something they couldn’t before, it’s easy to use, and well-crafted. The entire experience should feel purposeful, and put the needs of the learner first.

How do you respond to understood in email?

You can do that by saying:

  1. OK / Alright / Sure.
  2. Got it.
  3. OK, I get it now / That’s clear, thank you.
  4. Fair enough / I see where you’re coming from / I take your point / That makes sense.
  5. Of course / Absolutely.
  6. I appreciate why you think that, but…
  7. I hear what you’re saying, but…
  8. That’s totally fair / I don’t blame you.

What is another way to say learned?

insight gained. knowledge acquired. knowledge gained. lesson drawn. obtained information. grasp of the situation. understanding of the situation. aha moment. “A lesson learned the hard way is a lesson learned for a lifetime.”.

What are some synonyms for learning?

Synonyms for LEARNING: education, erudition, knowledge, learnedness, literacy, scholarship, getting, mastering; Antonyms for LEARNING: ignorance, illiteracy, illiterateness, unlearning, missing, overlooking, passing over

What is the meaning learned in an adjective?

Opinion — a beautiful dress

  • Relative information — a huge house
  • Factual information — a red car
  • Detail — a shiny floor
  • Context — old toys
  • Purpose — the dining table
  • Character traits — a patient teacher
  • What is an antonym for educated?

    Synonyms for EDUCATED: erudite, knowledgeable, learned, lettered, literate, scholarly, well-read, accomplished; Antonyms for EDUCATED: benighted, dark, ignorant