What is the password for 24 Carrot Island?

What is the password for 24 Carrot Island?

You will be prompted to enter a password. The password is “fuzzybunny,” so enter that. Then enter “launch rabbot” as your command.

How do you open the pipe in Poptropica 24 Carrot Island?

Back on Main Street, walk right, and go to the Factory. Climb onto the roof of the carrot cake factory, and grab the Vent Blueprints sticking out of the window. Jump down on the toxic waste barrels. Click on the pipe to pry it open, using your crowbar.

Where are the bunny ears on 24 Carrot Island?

It’s a conveyor belt! Make your way right across it, avoiding the slammers and the hot carrot juice. At the end jump onto the pipe and jump up left. Collect the bunny ears, put them on, and leave the place.

How do you get milk on 24 Carrot Island?

Back on Main Street, head inside the Carrot King Diner. Ask the waitress to fill your bowl with milk. Your empty bowl will become a Bowl of Milk.

How do u open the sewer on Poptropica?

Enter the Hare’s Lair Jump down the right side of the building and you’ll see a pipe near some old barrels floating in the polluted water. Click on the lid of the pipe and you will use the Crowbar to open it. When you’re inside the Factory Sewer, run to the left through the pipe and pick up the Carrot Transporter.

How do you get robot bunny ears on Poptropica?

If you jump off the pipe to the left, you will find the Drone Ears. Put them on. When you put them on, you will be able to enter the door to the Launch room.

How do you give the cat milk on Poptropica?

Go right and get to the second floor by climbing up the light fixture. Then go all the way left and into the bathroom. Turn one of the bath tub faucets, and Whiskers the cat will jump out of the bath, then head downstairs and drink the milk. Once that happens, the cat will follow you.

Where are the drone ears Poptropica?

Also, there is a hose squirting weird colorful liquid that could knock you under the metal posts. Eventually, you will find a pipe. Jump on it. If you jump off the pipe to the left, you will find the Drone Ears.

What is the 24 Carrot Island Mission in Poptropica?

This adventure will take you deep into the secret lair of the evil Dr. Hare, who has secretly stolen all the carrots for a nefarious plan. This walkthrough shows you how to make it all the way through the 24 Carrot Island mission in Poptropica.

Is there an original version of 24 Carrot Island?

There exists an original version of 24 Carrot Island on Poptropica Original, which was first released on June 6, 2008 and re-released as a SUI on June 20, 2013. Rhonda the carrot museum lady and Maynard the escaped drone are new characters that did not appear in the Poptropica Original version.

Where can I find the Poptropica walkthroughs?

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Where is Charlie’s Carrot surplus in 24 Carrot Island?

Take a ride to 24 Carrot Island. You’ll arrive at the main street. Walk right and enter a building called “Charlie’s Carrot Surplus Co.” Inside, talk to the person you see there. Her name is Charlie. When you say, “feeling down?”