Who won QAWI vs Holyfield?

Who won QAWI vs Holyfield?

Two judges, Harold Lederman and Neffie Quintana scored the bout for Holyfield 144–140 & 147–138, while the third judge Gordon Volkman scored it for Qawi 143–141 giving Holyfield a split decision victory and his first world title The bout would be named as the best cruiserweight fight of the 1980s by Ring Magazine as …

Who defeated Leon Spinks?

Spinks’s last fight came in December 1995, when he lost a unanimous decision to Fred Houpe in an eight-round bout.

How many fights did Leon Spinks lose?


Leon Spinks
Total fights 46
Wins 26
Wins by KO 14
Losses 17

How tall is Dwight Muhammad Qawi?

5′ 5″Dwight Muhammad Qawi / Height

Who won Ali vs Spinks 2?

Leon Spinks vs. Muhammad Ali II, was a professional boxing match contested on September 15, 1978, in New Orleans for the WBA and The Ring heavyweight championships. Ali won by 15th round unanimous decision.

How tall was Dwight Muhammad Qawi?

What happened to Dwight Muhammad Qawi and Michael Spinks?

After his defeat by Michael Spinks in March 1983 in a bout for the Undisputed Light Heavyweight Championship, Dwight Muhammad Qawi had been set for a rematch with Spinks in September 1984, however after Qawi was injured three weeks before the fight and had to pull out.

What was the name of the fight between Evander Holyfield and Qawi?

Dwight Muhammad Qawi vs. Evander Holyfield, billed as “Pandemonium” was a professional boxing match contested on 12 July 1986 for the WBA cruiserweight championship.

What happened to Qassim Qadir Qawi?

Qawi would spend most of the rest of his career as a cruiserweight and would have one more unsuccessful bid to reclaim a world title finally retiring in 1999. ABC aired the event live as part of ABC’s Wide World of Sports, with Al Trautwig and Alex Wallau on the call.