How can I increase my guava fruit size?

How can I increase my guava fruit size?

Pre-flowering sprays with 0.4% boric acid and 0.3% zinc sulphate increase the yield and fruit size. Spraying of copper sulphate at 0.2 to 0.4% also increases the growth and yield of guava.

Which type of irrigation method is best for guava?

Drip irrigation has been proved to be very beneficial for guava. Besides saving 60 % of water, it results in a substantial increase in size and number of fruits.

What is the process of guava?

Harvest and Storing Guava. Guava grown from seed will bear fruit in about 8 years; from seedling, guava will produce fruit in 3 to 5 years. Guava fruit will be ripe and ready for harvest about 20 to 28 weeks after flowering and pollination.

What is the difference between Inarching and grafting?

Grafting with inarching is a way to replace the root system on the damaged tree. While the inarch graft technique is generally used to save a damaged tree, inarching propagation of new trees is also possible. Read on and we’ll provide some basic information on the inarch graft technique.

Which fertilizer is best for guava?

The use of a guava tree fertilizer with a 6-6-6-2 (nitrogen–phosphorus–potassium–magnesium) ratio is recommended. For each feeding, scatter the fertilizer evenly on the ground, starting a foot (30 cm.) from the trunk, then spreading out to the tree drip line.

Which country is largest producer of guava?

Production. In 2019, world production of guavas was 55 million tonnes, led by India with 45% of the total (table). Other major producers were China and Thailand.

What is crop regulation in guava?

The key principle of crop regulation is to force a tree for its rest and to produce abundant blooms and fruits during particular seasons. Crop during the unwanted season is escaped by practising deblossoming; this can be achieved by induction of stress or using thinning and pruning techniques.

Which country produces the most guava?

Which month is best for guava grafting?

“The method we have found most successful in grafting guavas has been cleft grafting. . . . We have found that the winter or semi-dormant months are the best times to obtain a high percentage of take.

What is the purpose of Inarching?

What is inarching? A type of grafting, inarching is frequently used when the stem of a young tree (or houseplant) has been damaged or girdled by insects, frost, or root system disease. Grafting with inarching is a way to replace the root system on the damaged tree.

Which city is famous for guava?

Allahabad Guava Allahabad is famous for its Guava varieties like, Allahabad Safeda, Allahabad Sukhna and Arka Mridula, and for this very reason, Allahabad is often referred to as the “City of Green Gold”.

Which place is famous for guava?

Guava Production in the world Although guava can be grown throughout India due to favorable climatic conditions, Uttar Pradesh is the major contributor in the production followed by Punjab, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu.