How high can you climb with 3 climbing sticks?

How high can you climb with 3 climbing sticks?

Registered. 12 feet safely maybe 15 feet if you are really spreading them apart.

How high should 4 climbing sticks be?

How high can I climb with 4 Beast Gear Sticks? Most hunters can get 18-20 ft high with 4 Beast Gear Sticks.

How high can you get with 4/30 climbing sticks?

Registered. With 4 sticks you can get around 16′ safely.

How much do XOP climbing sticks weigh?

From the manufacturer

XOP | 2-Step Climbing Sticks (3-Pk) XOP | 2-Step Climbing Sticks (4-Pk)
Length 22” 22”
Weight of Ea. 2.1lbs 2.1lbs
Capacity 350lbs 350lbs
Fits Trees 4″ to 22″ 4″ to 22″

How high can you climb with 4 Lone Wolf sticks?

You can get about 18 feet with 4 sticks I use 5 on a setup and get 22 feet.

Are climbing Sticks safe?

Sectional sticks are the most popular tree-climbing method among saddle enthusiasts because sticks are safe, effective, easy to use, and you only have to hang three or four of them to reach heights of 17-22 feet if you add a lightweight climbing aider.

How high can you get with 4 Lone Wolf sticks?

They are close to three feet each so four sticks right on top of each other is 12′. 1.5 feet between each one would get you to 18′. If you are comfortable with more space between sticks you can get higher.

What is a hawk stick?

All HAWK® Climbing Sticks offer superior Traction & Security. The Helium™ Series is quite possibly the lightest climbing stick available. All finished off with premium Silent-Molded tree attachment hooks for quiet performance.

Are Hawk helium sticks good?

The sticks themselves are solid and bite into the tree well, I feel very safe using these. They pack decent too. However, if I could go back I would not buy these. The plastic or rubber used for the suction cup stacking is crap and after only 2 uses the suction cups began to break.

How much does a lone wolf alpha weigh?

14 pounds
The ALPHA features a convenient self-leveling seat and platform, and accepts the E-Z Hang Hook accessory, allowing users to preset multiple stand locations for quick, easy hanging. Weight: just 14 pounds!

How much does a lone wolf stick weight?

Enhance your purchase

Product Dimensions 14″D x 7″W x 2″H
Color Black
Brand Lone Wolf Treestands
Shape L-Shaped
Item Weight 0.45 Pounds

How much does the XOP vanish weigh?

12 lbs
Heavy duty stand with a 350 pound weight rating: platform Dimensions 27” x 19”: Overall weight 12 lbs.

How high can you get with Lone Wolf sticks?