How much does it cost to go to Cathedral High School Indianapolis?

How much does it cost to go to Cathedral High School Indianapolis?

Cathedral Catholic High School tuition for the 2021-2022 school year is $20,088. The tuition includes a non-refundable initial deposit of $500 that is included as part of our tuition.

When was Cathedral High School founded?

1925Cathedral High School / Founded

When was Cathedral Catholic built?

1957Cathedral Catholic High School / Founded

Cathedral Catholic High School is a community built on faith, knowledge, character, and responsibility since 1957. Cathedral Catholic High School is a leader in Catholic, college preparatory education.

What channel is the Catholic Mass on in Los Angeles?

The ABC7 Los Angeles broadcast of Sunday’s Mass will be available on the Localish Network, via cable on Spectrum 1246 or 703.

What is Catholic High School in Indiana?

Cathedral High School is a private Catholic high school in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States serving approximately 1,200 students in grades 9 to 12. The school was founded in Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis by Bishop Joseph Chartrand in 1918 and was run by the Brothers of Holy Cross until it became independent by the late 1970s.

What is Cathedral High School?

Cathedral, a Catholic college preparatory high school in the Holy Cross tradition, helping a diverse group of students to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically to have the competence to see and the courage to act. Founded in 1918, the school enrolls students from more than 150 schools in Indiana and beyond.

What happened to Cathedral High School?

The original location of the school at 1400 North Meridian Street is today the headquarters for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. On September 13, 2011, Cathedral celebrated its 93rd birthday and was formally re-affiliated with the Brothers of Holy Cross.

What are Cathedral Catholic high school scholarships?

These scholarships cover the cost of tuition and required fees for the student’s entire four years of high school. One female and one male student will receive a full four-year scholarship to attend Cathedral Catholic High School.