How much is the meal plan at MSU?

How much is the meal plan at MSU?

On-campus dining plans for 2022-23 (second-year residents): $3,134 for Silver, $3,284 for Gold, $3,434 for Platinum. Off-campus dining plan: $7.75 per meal (no tax) Faculty/staff dining plan: $7.75 per meal plus tax.

Do you have to get a dining plan at MSU?

Dining Options Students who live in the on campus residence halls are required to purchase a dining plan for their semester at MSU. There are simply not enough cooking facilities available for students to cook all of their own meals.

How do meal plans work MSU?

One meal is deducted for each use. Meal accesses can also be used to bring guests to eat with you. Off-campus plans remain active as long as you have your ID card and use at least one meal from July 1-June 30. Dining plans not used during this time frame will be deactivated.

What is spartan cash at MSU?

MSU’s official debit plan for students, faculty and staff. Family and friends can make deposits with the PID number found on each MSU ID card. No more scrounging for cash, carrying a stack of credit cards, writing checks or paying interest rates.

How much is room and board at MSU?

2021-2022 Sample Freshmen Undergraduate Budget

Michigan Student Out-of-State Student
Room & Board $10,676 $10,676
Books & Supplies $1,168 $1,168
Personal & Misc $3,140 $3,950
Total Budget $29,898 $56,520

How do I add Spartan cash to MSU?

Cashnet allows you to add Spartan Cash simply when you go to the Quickly Add Spartan Cash form and enter your student PID number (found on your student ID card) and first and last name. Parents, guardians, family and friends can add cash once you have shared your PID number with them.

What is spartan card?

The SpartanCard is your all-in-one campus ID card. In addition to serving as your ID, the SpartanCard is also your library card, your meal card, and a convenient form of payment across campus. This card will play a large part in your campus life by allowing you access to university programs and services.

Does Michigan State university have good food?

Eat at State Ranked the No. 1 college and university dining program in the nation (FoodService Director, 2020), MSU makes deciding what to eat — from fresh sushi to locally-sourced fare — the biggest challenge.

Where can I use my Spartan card?

Where does my card work? Your card has the potential to be used at all campus dining locations, the UNCG Bookstore, pay-for-print stations, and other locations all across campus.

How much is the meal plan for MSU dining?

Dining. During College Ready, students will have the opportunity to purchase a meal plan and eat at some of our on-campus dining facilities. MSU Dining is offering 2 options to choose from: Flex Plan ($350) Summer 30 ($325) Declining balance of $350 flex dollars that will roll over each semester until the end of spring.

How can I eat on campus at MSU?

Whether you’re a student, faculty member, support staff or member of the community, dining on campus at MSU is convenient and affordable! Learn more about our on- and off-campus dining plans. Members of the public are welcome to dine on campus any time! You can purchase your meal at the host stand in any residential dining hall.

Why choose culinary excellence at MSU?

Culinary excellence at MSU is showcased throughout our dining halls on campus. We offer an array of options to ensure students and guests always have a convenient dining choice that fits their needs.

How much is the meal plan at Spartan University?

Early arrival students can purchase off-campus dining plan meal accesses at a discounted rate, or pay the door rate with Spartan Cash or debit/credit card until their plan becomes active. $300 Spartan Cash and eight guest meal passes per semester.