Which Breedlove guitars are made in China?

Which Breedlove guitars are made in China?

Breedlove’s Organic, Solo, Pursuit, and Discovery series are made in Asia, typically in South Korea or China depending on the model and year. They do not have hand-voicing using the Sound Optimization System but have designs based on Breedlove’s research on this system.

Who makes Breedlove Guitars?

Tom and Molly Bedell’s Two Old Hippies LLC bought the company. They were also the owners of Tom Bedell Guitars and Great Divide Guitars, along with some other retail stores. In 2012 they moved Breedlove production to Bend to a bigger facility for better production. They produced around 2.000 guitars a year in 2020.

How many guitars does Breedlove make a year?

2,000 guitars
“We’re able to build 2,000 guitars a year here in Bend,” Bedell says, “and every one is uniquely dimensioned to whatever the characteristic of that wood is, and whatever we want that instrument to play like and sound like. We couldn’t do that if we didn’t hand build every guitar.

Do Breedlove guitars have a bolt on neck?

Breedlove Neck Design. Unlike traditional dovetail neck joints that require major operation for a neck re-set, it is easy to adjust the play action and neck angle with the Breedlove bolt-on neck and single-action truss rod.

Do Breedlove guitars have a truss rod?

The truss rod in your Breedlove guitar serves to counteract the affect of string tension on the neck of your instrument. String tension pulls the neck forward and up, while the truss rod pulls the neck down and back. A properly adjusted truss rod equalizes the tension on the neck.

What strings do Breedlove guitars use?

Q: What kind of strings does my Breedlove Guitar, Bass or Mandolin come with?

  • 6 String Guitar: Your Breedlove guitar or mandolin is factory-equipped with D’addario EXP16 light gauge strings.
  • 12-String Guitars :
  • Nylon Guitars:
  • Bass Guitars:
  • Mandolins:
  • Tenor :
  • Ukes: