How do you order at Turtle Bay?

How do you order at Turtle Bay?

Booking & ordering You can book a table and order food for collection from the bottom navigation bar of the App at any time.

Does Turtle Bay have a secret menu?

Turtle Bay have an exclusive barman’s menu which is used for bar staff to offer customers something special and different, and not on the drinks menu.

Are under 18s allowed in Turtle Bay?

Children are 100% welcome in the restaurant everyday. We ask that below 18’s are not to be stood at the bar. All under 18’s must be out of the bar area by 9pm.

Do you have to book for Turtle Bay?

Do I have to book? We do recommend booking as we are currently operating at reduced capacity due to social distancing and we do get fully booked at peak times.

Is bottomless brunch worth it Turtle Bay?

In terms of monetary value, Turtle Bay’s bottomless brunch is certainly worth it as a wallet-friendly way to have a boozy adventure with friends at a location that will likely be convenient for all.

What cocktails do they do at Turtle Bay?

As a cocktail bar and restaurant, their venues are known for their Caribbean theme and social dining spaces….The best Turtle Bay cocktails you’ve got to try!

  1. Passion Rum Punch.
  2. Tingaling.
  3. Jumbled Julep.
  4. Espresso Martini.
  5. Marley Mojito.

What kind of food is Turtle Bay?

Caribbean cuisine is a world of flavour – featuring soothing rum drinks and mouth-watering hot sauces; spice rubs, fragrant marinades and cool chutneys feature in hand tossed salads, spice wood grills and slowly simmered one pots.

Is Turtle Bay good for families?

I have heard that Turtle bay can be extremely popular and a buzzing atmosphere in the evening. The ambience at lunch time was much more relaxed and perfect for families. They have highchairs and baby changing for the little ones. Children are given a box of crayons and a fun packed activity book.

Can you just turn up to Turtle Bay?

Hi you can just got for drinks and no you don’t need to book a table for that. Depending on when you go though there may not be any seats available.

Do Turtle Bay charge if you dont turn up?

No payment is taken unless you don’t turn up and don’t let us know, in which instance we charge a £5pp no show fee. There’s no charge for changes to table size, but it’s helpful if you can let us know. You can amend your booking from your confirmation email.

How many cocktails do you get in Turtle Bay bottomless brunch?

Turtle Bay’s bottomless brunch offers unlimited cocktails from a choice of 23 on the menu, as well as a food dish, to enjoy over a two-hour period – it’s no wonder this has become a haunt for my housemates and I.

Can you order more than one drink at a time at Turtle Bay bottomless brunch?

This allows customers to try any number of Turtle Bay original cocktails or simply Bellinis and Prosecco during their time at Turtle Bay. In terms of food, Turtle Bay offers any brunch option (or main meal for an additional price) along with the unlimited supply of drinks.

What cocktails are included in Turtle Bay bottomless brunch?

Which cocktails are included in Bottomless Brunch? ALL of our cocktails are included, as well as Prosecco, Red Stripe and all our mocktails! You can mix and match as much as you like.

Are Turtle Bay cocktails watered down?

I love the Caribbean & there are times it emulates that lively colourful Jamaican tin roof shack feel …. the biggest let down is the that as soon as happy hour hits the cocktails are seriously watered down, they are made super sweet to try to hide the fact there’s very little alcohol in them.

Why is Caribbean food so good?

Food served in the Caribbean islands has been influenced by the cultures of the world; but each island adds its unique flavor and culinary techniques. Caribbean culinary is most famous because of its many influences from much staple foods of the world.

How many restaurants does Turtle Bay have?

When we founded Turtle Bay, our aim was simple: bring the fun, bring the flavour, and bring on the good times. With 42 restaurants across the UK, our fantastically friendly staff are always on hand to answer all your questions and share their personal recommendations. Now – what are you drinking?

What to eat at Turtle Bay in Cardiff?

Now, in no particular order, here are 10 tasty things to try at Turtle Bay, Cardiff: Beef patty (£4.95) A traditonal Jamaican street food snack, patties are authentic pastries with a flaky shell, tinted yellow by egg yolk or turmeric.

When did Turtle Bay Open in Cardiff?

The rumours about it opening in Cardiff have teased me for months, so I’m delighted to see the restaurant finally open its doors. Turtle Bay Cardiff officially opened on Friday 11th December, but I attended a preview event on Tuesday 8th December, followed by the launch party on Thursday 10th December.

What makes the Cardiff restaurant so special?

Inside, the Cardiff restaurant is fashioned from up-cycled materials, with the roof over the bar made from wooden closet doors, the sinks in the toilets made from rubber car tyres and flattened jerk oil cans and reggae music event posters covering the walls and the roof.