Is 42 wpm a good speed?

Is 42 wpm a good speed?

Tip. What’s considered a good typing speed largely depends on the job you’re doing. Forty words per minute works fine for emailing friends, upward of 80 wpm may be required for some jobs.

How can I get typing speed certificate?

To get your typing certificate, take the typing test at least FIVE times, your five best typing scores will be averaged to determine your certified speed. Once issued, your certification can be verified by others online (click here for an example).

Is 50wpm good speed?

50 wpm is considered by many to be a fine typing speed. There are, however, faster typists.

What is alpha typing? These interactive activities provides a group of accurate tests with which you can check your progress. The four tests have variable difficulty levels, giving even more advanced typists an outlet for practice and improvement.

Is 70 WPM good for a 12 year old?

That is an excellent speed for your age! Typically, the average typing speed of boys in a similar age range is 44 wpm, while the average typing speed for girls of the same age range is 37 wpm. Additionally, the average professional typist typically only types at speeds ranging from 65 to 75 wpm.

Does Google have a typing test?

You can test your typing speed with your own text. Multiple languages for the typing test are supported, and various sample texts for typing tests are available. Support file format: pdf, doc/docx, ppt/pptx, html, txt, ps, Google document/presentation, odt, odp, any text files…

How fast should a 17 year old type?

Final Target

Age range Beginner Intermediate
6 to 11 years old 15 wpm (75 cpm) 80% accuracy 25 wpm (125 cpm) 85% accuracy
12 to 16 years old 30 wpm (150 cpm) 85% accuracy 40 wpm (200 cpm) 90% accuracy
17 years old and over 45 wpm (225 cpm) 90% accuracy 55 wpm (275 cpm) 95% accuracy