Is School Days Game Available for PC?

Is School Days Game Available for PC?

School Days is a Japanese visual novel developed by 0verflow, released on April 2005, for Windows as an adult game….School Days (video game)

Genre Eroge (Windows) Visual novel
Platform Windows, DVD, PS2, PSP
Released JP: April 28, 2005 JP: October 8, 2010 (HQ) NA: June 27, 2012 (HQ)
Radio School Days

How do you jump in school days?

School Days Cheats & Tips: 5 Tricks to Help You Survive in Your New School

  1. Know Your Controls.
  2. Check The Sanity Meter.
  3. Have A Bite To Restore Your Health Meter.
  4. Get Some Sleep To Restore Your Meters.
  5. Attend Class.
  6. Don’t Get Into Fights.

Is school days an online game?

Play School days, a free online game on Kongregate.

How do you get a girlfriend in school days?

Show an interest in her life.

  1. Ask her about her dance classes or any sports she plays. Girls love talking about their interests.
  2. Ask her about her pets. If she has a cat or a dog, she’ll love that you care.
  3. Ask her about her friends.
  4. Make sure that you have a balance.

Why should school be longer?

An expanded school schedule engages students more fully, and children learn better in a more stimulating environment. By reducing the pressure on the system to cram math and reading and science into too few hours, the new school day opens up the schedule for subjects that students enjoy and teachers like to teach.

How can I get a girlfriend in school life?

Be friendly to her and hang out together during school time. Ask her about her next lecture or how well did her previous lectures go. 5] Ask for a Date- Once the two of you are good friends, ask her for a date. Ask her about the date in private.

How do you get a girlfriend in School Days?

How do I start a new game in school days?

Once you have the full version of School Days installed on your computer, you can start a new game by clicking the thumbnail icon of the game on your desktop. The game will immediately take you to the main title screen after opening. You can then click on the “Start New” button to begin a new game.

Can I Play School Days on my computer?

Since its inception, School Days has managed to accumulate over 15 million installs from Android players across the globe. Now is your chance to experience this uber-popular game on the big screen of your computer. All you need is to follow the download instructions featured on this page.

What are the features of School Days HQ?

School Days HQ Features: – High Quality remake and graphic upgrade of the original School Days – Fully animated game with dozens of interactive choices and hundreds of branching outcomes – Over 20 possible endings, including harem ends and tragic bad ends

Is high school days suitable for kids?

High School Days is an Adult video game, it contains explicit graphics and strong language, that may not be suitable for younger audience. As the game development progresses, it will contain more and more graphics of adult nature.