Is there a quake movie?

Is there a quake movie?

The Quake (Norwegian: Skjelvet) is a 2018 Norwegian disaster film directed by John Andreas Andersen. It is the sequel to The Wave and was released in Norwegian theaters on 31 August 2018….The Quake (film)

The Quake
Distributed by Nordisk Filmdistribusjon
Release date 31 August 2018
Running time 106 minutes
Country Norway

What is the Quake movie about?

A geologist races against time to save his estranged wife and two children when a devastating earthquake strikes Oslo, Norway.The Quake / Film synopsis

Is the quake a true story?

A real threat Yet this movie is also based on a real-life scenario. Just as The Wave was based on a very real threat of an unstable mountain crashing into the fjord causing a tidal wave, The Quake take inspiration from the 1904 Oslo earthquake.

Is the quake a good movie?

It all sets up what is to come—a lot of high-end special effects, some impressive stunts, and of course family reconciliation. And this “Quake” delivers with skill. The build-up to the disaster nicely intensifies with a feeling of dread, and some of the subtlest early effects are the most powerful.

Is the quake on Netflix?

Rent The Quake (2018) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

What is 10.0 earthquake movie rated?

PG10.0 Earthquake / MPAA rating

Is Norway earthquake prone?

Although the activity in Norway is moderate, a few earthquakes are felt by the human population each year. Very few past earthquakes have caused damage to buildings and infrastructure. The seismic activity in Norway and adjoining areas is monitored by NORSAR and the University of Bergen.

Is the movie the quake available in English?

NorwegianThe Quake / Language
This action spectacular forewarns a new catastrophic disaster when the city of Oslo is threatened by a devastating earthquake. Norwegian with English subtitles.

Will there be a sequel to the quake?

‘The Burning Sea’ Review: A Sequel to ‘The Wave’ and ‘The Quake,’ This Norwegian Disaster Movie Is Competent in an Overly Familiar Way.

Does Norway have tsunamis?

In another example from northern Europe, historical evidence shows that Norway has witnessed two to three catastrophic tsunamis per century, resulting in a total of 250 fatalities over the last four hundred years (Harbitz et al. 2014).

How can I watch quake in English?

Watch The Quake | Prime Video.

Is Burning Sea real story?

“The Burning Sea” isn’t based on a real case (though it may play off Forties Oil Field, discovered 100 miles off the coast of Scotland in 1970). Yet you often wish that it had been. The movie has every right to be fiction, but the heart of its drama lies in its patina of plausibility.

Is The Wave a true movie?

The Wave is based on the true story of a huge tsunami that hit Norway 80 years ago. The disaster was triggered when a mountainside collapsed, causing huge damage and casualties in a number of villages along Norway’s fjords.

What is the movie The quake about?

This film is a sequel to The Wave (2015), which is about a massive flood after a tsunami. Meanwhile, The Quake is about an earthquake in Oslo. Although this is a fictional film, it is based on a real earthquake that occurred there in 1904.

What are the 10 best earthquake movies?

10 Best Earthquake Movies: World Shaking Cinema 1 S.O.S. Tidal Wave (1939) 2 Earthquake (1974) 3 And Life Goes On (1992) 4 Escape From LA (1996) 5 Volcano (1997) 6 Dante’s Peak (1997) 7 Tidal Wave (2009) 8 San Andreas (2015) 9 The Quake (2018) 10 Underwater (2020)

Is the Quake movie overrated?

That would be a difference of 4 magnitudes. The Norwegian “Skjelvet”, a.k.a. “The Quake”, is an overrated disaster movie. The special effects are indeed stunning and worthwhile watching, but the predictable storyline and characters are disappointing. Kristian Eikjord is unpleasant and strange and most of the characters have stupid attitudes.