What denomination is Xenos?

What denomination is Xenos?

Leaders of Xenos reject the label of “cult.” The church describes itself online as a “culturally relevant, non-traditional and non-denominational church with mainstream biblical doctrines.” There is no official membership, although Hale says the church has about 5,000 regular attendees.

What happened Xenos Christian Fellowship?

Xenos Christian Fellowship changed its name to Dwell Community Church in 2020. Dwell’s website describes the church as “a culturally engaged, non-traditional and non-denominational fellowship with mainstream biblical doctrines,” with a growing network of members who meet to worship in smaller home church groups.

Why did Xenos change its name to dwell?

A secondary usage of the word Xenos denotes “one who provides hospitality.” In 2020, the organization changed its name to Dwell Community Church. Dwell said the name was aimed to better-reflect the church, sound less antiquated, and be easier to pronounce.

Who is Xenos?

A “xenos” is not only a foreigner or a stranger but also an ally, a lifelong friend, a guest, and a host. Indeed “xenoi” were protected by Zeus, the king of the gods.

What is xenos and why is it important?

Xenos can be used to refer to guest-friends whose relationship is constructed under the ritual of xenia (“guest-friendship”). In this usage it is commonly translated as “guest-friend” to distinguish it from the Greek word philos, which was used to refer to local friends and to relatives not strictly bound by xenia.

What does xenos stand for?

Anne Thompson from The Cambridge Greek Lexicon Project explores the true meaning of the word “xenos” (usually translated as foreigner) and shows that the word has many more positive senses than you might think. A “xenos” is not only a foreigner or a stranger but also an ally, a lifelong friend, a guest, and a host.

Where is xenos located?

Xenos Christian Fellowship is a non-traditional, cell church system based in Columbus, Ohio. Rather than traditional Sunday morning services, Xenos is focused on “home church” activities that meet once or twice a week.

Who is xenos?

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In short, the advantages of living in Columbus, Ohio, are beyond measure. Featuring a robust job market, lower than average home and living costs, countless entertainment options, and green options galore, the Columbus Region is vibrant and booming.

What does the name Xenos mean?

What is the Xenos Christian Fellowship?

Xenos Christian Fellowship has been operating in Columbus, Ohio since 1970 and has been causing massive trauma to countless people. This website contains over 700+ accounts of people claiming abuse at Xenos, many which involve the complete destruction of personal mental health, spiritual abuse, and the loss of happiness and emotional stability.

What is the Xenos mission?

Xenos undermines both religion and community to serve the human god of expansion, power and influence. They crusade in the name of the sacred for that which is of the profane. Every action is directed solely towards serving this god. New people are viewed as beachheads into new demographic pipelines.

How does Xenos recruit members?

They recruit members by using love-bombing and inviting targets out to fun activities. They will push you into being “discipled” and then towards moving into an overcrowded ministry house, where your time will be used mainly for Xenos activities, and non-attendance will result in leaders belittling you into conformity.

How do house churches spread Xenos?

The missionaries of the house-churches are trained to spread Xenos’ parasitic tentacles as far as it can. They first identify their desired target, which is usually some who is: socially isolated, sailing through rough waters or someone that the person has a past relationship with.