What grade level is 100 cupboards?

What grade level is 100 cupboards?

Reading to Kids Books: 100 Cupboards. Grade Level: 4th (GLCs: Click here for grade level guidelines.) Synopsis: Twelve-year-old Henry York is going to sleep one night when he hears a bump on the attic wall above his head.

Who published 100 cupboards?

N. D. Wilson
100 Cupboards is a 2007 fantasy children’s book by N. D. Wilson. The first book in the 100 Cupboards Trilogy, it is followed by Dandelion Fire and The Chestnut King….100 Cupboards.

The cover of the first edition.
Author N. D. Wilson
Published 2007 (Random House Children’s Books)
Media type Print
Pages 304

Who wrote 100 cupboards?

N. D. Wilson100 Cupboards / AuthorNathan David Wilson is an American author of young adult fiction. Wikipedia

Why does Henry come to stay with his cousins aunt and uncle?

During their trip, Henry’s parents are kidnapped, leaving Henry a temporary, or perhaps even permanent, orphan. Henry’s Aunt Dottie and Uncle Frank agree to take him in to raise him until his parents are found, so Henry moves to their house in Kansas to live with his three cousins, Henrietta, Anastasia, and Penelope.

Are 100 cupboards scary?

Great story, very imaginative and exciting, but a little scary too.

What happened to Henry’s parents in 100 cupboards?

There Henry lived for about 11 years of his life until his adopted parents were kidnapped on a bike tour and held for ransom. Henry was then sent to live with his uncle and aunt in Henry, Kansas. He found 100 cupboards on the wall of his bedroom and explored them with the help of his 12-year-old cousin, Henrietta.

Where does Henrietta find the magical key that unlocks grandfather’s door?

Another night, the plaster from Henry’s attic wall starts coming off, revealing two master lock dials to a hundred little locked cupboards. When they are home alone, Henry and Henrietta discover a key in one of the cupboards they have managed to open, which unlocks the door into Grandfather’s bedroom.

What is the plot of 100 cupboards?

100 CUPBOARDS chronicles the fantastical journeys of Henry York, who discovers that the old Kansas farmhouse where he’s been relegated to live harbors mysterious cupboards leading to worlds and dangers beyond his imagination.

What are cupboards?

Definition of cupboard : a closet with shelves where dishes, utensils, or food is kept also : a small closet.

What does Uncle Frank buy for Henry at the rummage sale?

Uncle Frank takes Henry under his wing immediately and the two spend some quality boy time together, which includes buying a baseball mitt and a switchblade knife at a rummage sale. Henry tries to fit in with his cousins and their play, but is used to being an only child.

What is a Raggant?

Raggants are animals. The only known raggant is Rags. Advertisement.

What does Henry use to free himself and Henrietta from the creature in Endor?

cupboard portal
Henry helps his grandmother and Henrietta escape through a cupboard portal that takes them back to Kansas.

Why is it called a cupboard?

A cupboard is a piece of furniture for enclosing dishware or grocery items that are stored in a home. The term gradually evolved from its original meaning: an open-shelved side table for displaying dishware, more specifically plates, cups and saucers.

Why is the p silent in cupboard?

Cupboard literally is a “cup board”: that is, a board or table on which cups can be stored—at least at its origins in the Middle Ages. The “closet” meaning dates to the mid-1500s, and the “p” and “b” of the spelling have long since merged in pronunciation.

What does cupboard mean?

(kŭb′ərd) n. A closet or cabinet, usually with shelves for storing food, crockery, and utensils.

What is a large cupboard called?

wardrobe. noun. a large piece of furniture like a large cupboard where you can hang your clothes.