What is Chiari malformation of the brain?

What is Chiari malformation of the brain?

Chiari malformations are structural defects in the base of the skull and cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance. Normally the cerebellum and parts of the brain stem sit above an opening in the skull that allows the spinal cord to pass through it (called the foramen magnum).

What is Arnold Chiari type1?

Chiari malformation type 1 occurs when the section of the skull containing a part of the brain (cerebellum) is too small or is deformed, thus putting pressure on and crowding the brain. The lower part of the cerebellum (tonsils) is displaced into the upper spinal canal.

What causes Chiari malformation in adults?

An acquired Chiari malformation type I happens to a person after birth. It is caused by excess leaking of spinal fluid from the lower back (lumbar) or chest (thoracic) areas of the spine. This can happen because of an injury, contact with harmful substances, or an infection.

Can Chiari cause dementia?

When taken as a whole, CM are known to produce variable signs and symptoms of cerebellar and brainstem dysfunction, as well as neuropsychiatric symptoms such as anxiety and dementia.

Why does Chiari cause swallowing problems?

These symptoms could be explained by cerebellar tonsillar descent causing compression and traction of the brain stem and cranial nerves. The prevalence of dysphagia in CMI patients has been generally examined retrospectively and reported to range from 4 to 47%.

What is the history of National Institute of nutrition?

National Institute of Nutrition is an autonomous institute which was founded in 1918 by Sir Robert McCarrison laboratory at the Pasteur Institute, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu.

Why National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) Hyderabad?

It was shifted to Hyderabad in 1958.At the time of its golden jubilee in 1969, it was renamed as National Institute of Nutrition (NIN). NIN has attained global recognition for its pioneering studies on various aspects of nutrition research, with special reference to protein energy malnutrition (PEM).

Who is the leading Nutrition Research Institute in India?

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How to get admission in National Institute of nutrition?

The prescribed application form for admission and further details can be obtained from the HOD, Publications, Extension & Training Division, National Institute of Nutrition. Visit the campus of the of the Institute to apply for the admission to the program.