Is Marluxia a Nobody?

Is Marluxia a Nobody?

Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin (優雅なる凶刃, Yūga-naru Kyōjin?, lit. Graceful Assassin’s Blade), is the Nobody of Lauriam, Rank XI of Organization XIII, and Rank VII of the real Organization XIII. He is the lord of Castle Oblivion, and the main antagonist of Sora’s story in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Who is the star in Kingdom Hearts melody of memory?

All that fans know about the Nameless Star is that they knew Yozora, are from Quadratum, and the Star is an existing Kingdom Hearts character. Its most likely identity is the girl seen in the Verum Rex game trailer at the start of KH3’s Toy Story world.

What is Elrena’s Keyblade?

Kingdom Hearts Union χ During the age of fairy tales, Elrena is a Keyblade wielder living in Daybreak Town and member of one of the 5 Unions that work collecting light in the form of Lux, in which each Union is led by one of the foretellers.

Is the nameless star Stella?

The Nameless Star is the current version of the character Stella Nox Fleuret.

Is Strelitzia the nameless star?

The Girl from Verum Rex Previously, a common guess for the Nameless Star’s identity was the dead Strelitzia from Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. That theory has since been shot down by her appearance in the Kingdom Hearts 4 reveal trailer.

Why does Xion have black hair?

Flesh by mother, soul by father. Her hair is black because the author of the KH novels requested it.

Who is Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts?

Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin (優雅なる凶刃, Yūga-naru Kyōjin, lit. Graceful Assassin’s Blade), is Rank XI within the original Organization XIII, the lord of Castle Oblivion, and the main antagonist of Sora’s story in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.

What is Marluxia’s scythe called?

True to his title, the Graceful Assassin, Marluxia wields a large, elegant-looking Scythe called the Graceful Dahlia in battle. The handle of the Scythe is pastel green in coloration, and the blade is a rose pink. This evokes the appearance of a plucked flower.

Does Marluxia have a deck?

This is also the only form in which he is constrained to the use of an actual deck. In his first final form, Marluxia makes use of a mech suit-like Nobody called the Specter to slash at Sora with its scythe-arms or charge him and cause massive damage upon impact.

Does Marluxia believe in Xehanort’s plan?

In Kingdom Hearts III, Marluxia seems to believe in Xehanort’s plan to balance light and darkness, yet is aware that Xehanort sees the other Organization members as just vessels for his heart. He also seeks to protect the New Seven Hearts from the darkness. Upon his second defeat, Marluxia seems to recall a lost memory from his time as Lauriam .